1. When I first joined the forum a few months ago, Mulberrys seemed to be taking off. Now I don't see very many posts... Is the "frenzy" or "trendy" factor on this brand wearing off? Plus all the Mulberrys at my local stores are NOT moving! What does everyone think? Is it a regional thing?
  2. I guess it could be regional or country specific. I live in london and see tons of Mulberrys (including my own!) all the time - one day in Soho I saw a couple of Roxannes, a Phoebe and a Blenheim all in the space of an hour! They are an iconic brand over here and really popular, I guess maybe they don't translate as well to the states? Great bags though - practical, tough and great leather.
  3. wicked- I noticed the same thing. Saks had a bunch of them that had been there a long time including sale items that hadn't been sold. I still like them but I see what you're saying.
  4. I first learned of Mulberry after hearing/reading about Scarlett Johannsen in the movie Match Point carrying one - and then went in search of them -- found pics and had to have one! Got the Roxanne (too big) and then the Mulberry -- I did see one person carrying a Roxy in Boston a couple of weeks ago - I just don't think they're as known around here - on e-bay they are mostly from the UK...
  5. I have a chocolate Phoebe and an oak Rosemary and LOVE them both! I actually use my Rosemary more. The Phoebe is a tad heavy IMO. The leather on these bags just gets better and better with use. They are both fun bags that are super easy to get in and out of. I guess I haven't talked about Mulberrys too much lately because I'm not interested in any of the other styles. I was looking at the Eustin bag but decided it is too similar in shape to the LV Speedy and I already have two of them. I'm not sure why they're sitting on the shelves. They are great bags IMO.
  6. I'm still dying for one!

    But now I'm greedy. I won't pay full price after LVR shafted me!
  7. i still love my roxys but i guess they don't seem like spring/summer styles to me (maybe also because mine are chocolate and black, if i had oak or a lighter color it would probably be different) so i haven't been carrying them as much lately...i have also seen them around a lot and am hoping for another great deal (i got my first mulberry from during the amazing sale last year)!
  8. I still want one too!

    I don't think I've ever seen one here, but I don't see many designer bags around here anyway. I have seen quite a few designer inspired versions of the Roxanne being carried though.
  9. Mulberry is really hot here in Sweden right now. Some of the more influential fashionistas have several and I myself am dying for a Bayswater in chocolate... I guess Europe and America differ in that way. Mulberry is known here for it's heritage and renowened good quality. Timeless I would say is the most used word.
  10. I bought my Mulberry roxanne in December and it's true, I've never seen anyone else with it around here. It's a beautifully made bag but when I carry it, I think the majority here don't know what it is. That's okay with me ... I like carrying a bag that not everyone else has.
  11. I would love a chocolate Bayswater but the bag isn't lined, right? I'm worried about the little pieces of leather that will rub off of everything in my bag. I had that happen many, many years ago when I was carrying a Coach purse. I wish they would line the Mulberry bags in suede or something.
  12. I'm dying to see one IRL before I take the plunge - stores in my area don't carry it, and I worry about water damage in my rainy state...
  13. I was just given my second "nice" bag by my daughters, a Mulberry Bayswater in black Darwin. They had told me beforehand that they intended to get me a bag and after some thinking and research here I decided on the Bayswater. This is because I know it will be a long time until I can get another so expensive bag ..... so I wanted something I thought would be a classic and not loose it's appeal too quickly. I think that is the great thing with Mulberry, even the trendier of their bags are sort of classic in my opinion. And now that I have it I just love it. Even if it is a bit "plain" compared with many other bags, but I do not think I will get easily tired of it and it goes with nearly every outfit.

  14. My two Phoebes are my current favorites - they're seeing a lot of daylight!
  15. I really like the Euston, but I don't like its price... 700+ euros is not justified in its case IMO, so i'm waiting for the summer sales and see if it's marked down! :ninja: