Mulberry Sale Return Questions

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I would appreciate your thoughts and input on returning a bag to Mulberry. You may have read a thread I posted about the postmans lock on my denim ticking bayswater, purchased in the online sale preview.

    I received the order the day after ordering (so it will be 2 weeks this wed). I loved it so took all the paper off the handles etc. However, when I went to use it last week I noticed that the rwisty lock bit feels really really loose like it would just fall off and doesn't stay closed. I have checked my other 3 bays and none are like this.

    Although I still love the bag when something like this happens I tend to fall out of love with it and view it as a bit tainted (stupid i know but can't help it). I really don't want to have to send a brand new bag off for repair, but would I be able to return it for a refund given when I bought it and that i have removed the paper on the handles etc? I am pretty much at the 2 week limit too as not sure if it starts when you order or receive and they have to have had it back by the 14 days or you just 'post' it back within 14 days.

    Thanks for your help
  2. I can't answer question bout sale sorry but i fully understand bout your comment where say you fall out of love with it and view it as bit tainted as i am exactly the same. If i spot something wrong i tend to focus on it.
    Hope somone answers for you and good luck.
  3. Surely if an item is faulty and therefore not fit for purpose you are entitled to a full refund regardless of whether tags etc are removed? It doesn't matter whether it's a sale item or not either, you should still be entitled to your money back.
    Good luck :smile:
  4. Why don't you call Gillian Pitcher at Mulberry? She is always real helpful.

  5. Agreed. I've just sent my milton for repair with a lock problem, I've had it for 3 months and have the receipt. If they can't repair/replace it I want compensating. You simply don't expect that kind of fault to occur so quickly with a brand like Mulberry.