mulberry mini mabel patent in purple

  1. hey all! i'm currently in a huge dilemma at the moment. i need some advices regarding whether it's worth purchasing the mini mabel patent in purple, because a lot of my friends say that the bag isn't worth buying because patent leather and purple are both very seasonal.

    but i'm currently very into the whole purple thing right now. the only thing that's stopping me from buying the bag is because i don't want to feel post buying remorse and i'm constantly hounded by the fear that the bag isn't worth its price tag. as much i have my own individual style, i don't want to filter out other comments that my friends have given me, because i like to take things into serious consideration without buying on impulse.

    for additional information, i'm currently 20 and personally feel the bag would just reflect the vibrancy of youth. and if i don't wear something striking now, then i can't wear anything more eye catching in the future. i mean, what's worse than looking at a matured lady wear something that a teenager would wear right?

    do help me mulberry ladies! :push:
  2. I'd say go for it if you really love it.
    IMO, there is a danger that patent will be over really fast. Purple tends to be in most years, it's just far higher profile this year. Mabel is very much the bag of the moment so there is the risk that you might not want to carry it next year - and it's a lot of money for what could end up being a one-season bag!
  3. I think that happened with the Roxanne too,people were a bit concerned that it would be in and gone in no time,and for £600 thats a lot for a one season bag!!! Its kind of endured though,and I feel the same way as Sarajane that patent will have a big high this year and so will purple. If it pans out the same way as the roxy,it could be one of those clever classics and you would be admired for your bold and flamboyant choice of color!! Also as you are so young and if you wear it with a funky attitude there is no reason why you won't pull it off for years!!! And,when everyones toting grey,black or whatever next season what a gorgeous splash of color you will have!!! It'll really stand out!!!

    And for additional info I'm 42 and really just follow my own heart with things,mixing a bit of new,old whatever to suit my taste and style!!
  4. Yep i would tend to agree with chaz.
    I have a mabel , I bought it because I like the bag , not because its the in bag,if you are buying to be in fashion , then I wouldn`t get it , as there has been so much hype that next season it will prob be uncool to have one.
    I`m past it at 34 and I couldn`t give a hoot whats in and whats out.
    I`m going to buy another one in red soon too , how uncool is that ...
  5. There is a lot of patent leather bags out there this season - Chloe has a lot too. As we are all aware that designer bags are so expensive and it really doesn't matter what age you are if you really like the bag go for it.

    I am old enough to be your mother but if l really loved a bag that l could afford easily l would buy it age does not come into it as far as l am concerned. Clothes, mini skirts well that's another matter!!
  6. I am also old enough to your mother, and I say go for it!! Buy what you love, not what is "it" at the moment. I really don't think patent will ever be completely out of style, anyway and purple is a great color! If I was to buy a patent bag, it would be in a color and not black.
    So buy it and post pics!!!!
  7. IF you love it - IF it goes with YOUR style and YOUR wardrobe then get it! If you are buying it to be 'in fashion' then leave it and get something cheaper!!!
  8. I concur with everyone's comments (including old enough to be your mother). Buy what you love, but if you KNOW that you are influenced by what is "in" for the moment OR the season OR by comments from others, than maybe this is not the purchase for you if the price of the bag is a consideration.
    My only caution about the patent is that it does show fingerprints when handled. I saw several Mulberry patents at Bloomingdales the other day (Mabel and Bayswater) and the staff was not doing a very good job of dusting/cleaning the bags as it was covered with hand/finger prints....AND under the glaring lights of a department was definitely NOT a good look.
    I think the design of the Mabel is timeless (to be honest, when I first saw the bag, I thought it was kinda boring....but then changed my mind!).
    Keep us posted!

  9. dcblam - Hi there! Don't mean to be nosy, but what Bloomingdales' did you see the bags? Just wondering for future reference! I have called customer service at both Saks and NM and was told they no longer carry Mulberry. Nordstrom's had the Mabel for awhile, but I could only order online. Just curious and always looking for a good deal!
  10. kroquet -
    One can never ever be nosy on this Forum......Bloomies here in Wash DC/Chevy Chase. They carry some of the Mulberry's - not all (Mabel, Bayswater, Roxanne, and maybe an Anthony?)
    Yes indeed, they are hard to find. So far, I have yet to see any of them on sale. Do you want me to poke around and ask? Any particular style?
  11. Maybe after the new year or something on sale. I am leaning towards anything oak.

    Thanks so much!! Too bad we don't have an outlet!!xxxxxxxo
  12. Have you had anymore thoughts?? I feel that Mulberry is a universal age range bag,and as they don't seem to skip out of fashion as fast as the likes of Dior,Gucci etc the purple Mabel would be a very savvy buy for you,as I think it would suit your age and look very current for quite some time,quite important on an expensive bag!!!:tup::heart:
  13. thx for the advises everyone! really appreciate it. i'm sorry i haven't been able to reply for a few days, exams are next week. eeeek! i agree with a lot of things that you ladies have mentioned, and i'm still gonna have to seriously consider whether i should buy the bag or not. the last thing i wanna do is get a bag that i'll only be bored of later on in life. i definitely like a lot of funky stuff, but classics never go wrong. so i'll update everyone on my final decision once my exams are over so i can have a really clear head before i execute my final decision!

    thx again everyone! :tender:
  14. OOoooo,sweetie good luck with your exams!!! Plenty of time for bags later!!!! But yes choosing wisely and carefully is the best way to go,and probably best after your studies and then you don't get distracted!!!:heart:
  15. Good luck with your exams and l agree with Chaz you have plenty of time on your side - you may well fall in love with a different bag - hold on to your money for now or you may end up regretting it. Let us all know how you get on with the exams.