Mulberry Maxi Mabel

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  1. Possibly the most amazing bag I have seen, so stylish and cool...


    £895 so round $1700, what does everyone think???
  2. I love the design except for the strap across the middle. I need easy access but it truely is a beautiful bag.
  3. why thank you, unshure whether to go for the chocolate or tan colour though... :confused1:
  4. Welcome maximabel21. :yes: You can find a lot more discussion about that bag and other Mulberrys in the Mulberry subforum here on tPF, if you are interested:
  5. What do I think? I think I need to come up with $1700....
  6. Looks very classic and I like that it's logo-free. I'm not particularly girly-girl but it seems a little masculine to me?
  7. The Mabel is a gorgeous bag - simple design, nice proportions and handy organization...IF I am not mistaken, the strap in the middle has a snap underneath which makes it easier to use.......with Mulberry leather, you can't go wrong. Timeless design IMO a pared-down, design - some may call is more masculine, but I call it understated elegance!