Mulberry Knightsbridge bag on Sale

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    please read our rules, we dont allow members to post info about their auctions here.
  2. I think you need to remove the link to the other site, that is not allowed and your listing will get pulled.

    And since you asked:
    I would take lots of pictures and add them to the auction, your picture is to small and looks like a stock photo.
    Also you need to say (to cover yourself) that payments made through paypal must be shipped to a confirmed address only, if you don't have a confirmed address you may pay by money order.
    I would also add in the listing what your shipping includes (you need to use sig comfirmation), insurance (even though it is at the bottom) and a DC#.

    Also, you have it listed that you will take money orders but in order to bid it states that a paypal account is required.
  3. Thank you. I just added more information that another PF member recommended to avoid a seller switching a purse on me, from the post "Best ways to secretly mark items you sell on eBay". In a way I hope no one buys the purse because it seems like eBay is so shady.

    Thanks for the information. I'll take pics tonight and post them
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.