Mulberry in America ?

  1. Sorry, if this is a repeat post, I am new to this brand, but it is beautiful from the pics i've seen.....are there stores in the states ? Seems like Nordstroms doesn't carry Mulberry anymore... and I dread eBay.
    Thank you !!
  2. Hi!
    Mulberry is not sold at Saks or NM anymore, but Nordstroms will sometimes carry a couple of the bags. You can always phone one of the Mulberry stores and order directly. There are stores in NYC and Atlantic City and they will ship directly to you! I bought my Bays from Atlantic City and was very pleased with the service and packaging. The SA sent a card with a very nice "thank you" and wrapped the bag beautifully.
    Got my Annie from an Angel who bought from one of th UK outlets.

    Good luck on your quest, they are wonderful bags and ones that you don't see very often!
  3. I bought my Mulberry at Bloomingdales at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.
  4. Hello,

    Not sure where you're located but if you go to this link via the Mulberry site and choose United States it should list the different stores where Mulberry is available. I have ordered from the Mulberry store in Los Angeles and was very pleased with the Customer Service.

    I looked at the Mulberry site and called LA to order.
  5. I read recently that Mulberry is about to have a larger presence in the US. They are planning expansion, but I don't remember any details.

    Hold tight though, they are coming!!!
  6. The Mulberry store in Atlantic City was VERY helpful when I was thinking of ordering a sale bag over the phone. The sales associate went through every black sale bag in the store for me!
  7. ^^^ Have to agree about the ATlantic City store. They were so nice and went thru the bags they had and then Kristin (manager) called to tell me about the Bays being 20% off. Faxed me the order and held until the sale started!! Love that store!!
  8. If you're ever in the Dallas area, there is a local department store here that carries Mulberry, Stanley Korshak. I went there on Monday and lovingly looked at the Bayswater EW.
  9. Amazing shop.
    I miss Dallas sometimes....
  10. Hello Ladies! Can someone please give me the phone number for the Atlantic City Store? It's not listed on the Mulberry Website. Thanks!
  11. ^^^ 1-888-685-6856 ext 120 Ask for Kristin - she's so nice and helpfel!
  12. Thanks!
  13. Third nod for Atlantic City, Jalena helped me on my quest for a Smithfield... she took pics of herself holding a couple different sizes and then even of the bags next to a Bays for comparison, it was SO helpful! All the SA's there have been very nice and helpful, Kristin as well. Love that store!:tup:
  14. Wow - what servce! Jalena helped me on the phone too and was very nice!

    But, to take pics and send, that's above and beyond!!
  15. We'll know that Mulberry has really arrived in America when they open an outlet! That's dreaming for you!