Mulberry girls with large Mabels

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  1. ( sounds rather rude doesn't it !)

    Anyway can you tell me how you find getting in and out of this bag with the wrapover strap ? Is it a pain or is there a knack in opening the bag ?

    Thank you .
    Love Flossie
  2. Er can I sense the Mulberry ban for 2009 already coming to an end Flossie?
  3. Well I havent actually taken mine out the house yet :shame: But when Ive been parading around the house with mine :nuts: Ive just left the strap unbuckled. With the zip top it is very secure anyway, so I plan to just leave the strap undone.

    Are you thinking of one Flossie?
  4. Well who knows :shrugs:
    I was just in Mulberry on a scouting mission for another TPF 'ER and picked up a large Mabel to look at . I was going to open the bag to look inside and realised it wasn't that easy . I just wondered how everyone manages with the strap .
  5. well my mabel isnt large its a medium snake but was a sample bag and has a buckle without a magnetic thingy - and to be completely honest it is a bit of a pain in the bum - on the two occasions i have used it, ive ended up not closing it properly - but i love it anyway!

  6. My thoughts, excactly.
  7. I honestly have no issues with it and I prefer it with the attached buckle.
    I keep mine unstrapped and just unzip halfway.
    Sometimes I just slip the strap into the little leather strip rather that put it through the buckle.
  8. I'm getting used to it. I tend to keep it closed and open the bag halfway - my VIP liner keeps everything within easy reach. I tend to shove hat/gloves/cardi/toddler snacks in the other side of the bag. When I need to get to them, I just open the zip underneath the strap. It's a bit of a faff, but easier than, say, the Emmy.

    When the bag gets slouchier, older, etc, I'll probaby just leave the top strap loose but, for now, I like the closed up look :yes:
  9. Thanks everyone for clearing that up . I wonder why they didn't just use the magnetic fastening as they did on medium Mabel :confused1:
  10. Perhaps they thought it wouldn't be strong enough for such a large back. They didn't use it on the Maxi, did they?:confused1:
  11. I can't remember what the strap was like Dita as I returned the bag . I think it must have been the wraparound strap.
  12. I think I do the same as hulahoop - do up the zip and keep the buckle undone or just looped through. I just don't keep anything valuable in the suede side pockets.
  13. I usually keep my (red) Mabel buckled up, with zipper half done.
    Only in crowded places the zipper is fully done up, for security reasons.
    The Mabel gets very soft over time, and I have found that I can wriggle in quite large items, like a mini PC, without having to unbuckle the strap.
  14. sorry Flossie if this is too late, but I used my large red mabel today as I had to take my laptop back to work..1st day back after being off ill for a week. I had to unbuckle it to put the laptop in n unbuckle it to take it out...its not really a pain if ur taking out large items...but if its just my purse or something I leave it buckled and unzip it a little and put my hand in to take out what ever it is I need n dont have to worry about the belt bit.
    Plus it was raining at lunch time and did I have an umberella Nope! Both I and mabel got soaked but pleased to say mabel came out without any marks after she dried out. I on the other hand had straight hair before the rain and curly wavy hair after it dried!
  15. I keep mine buckled almost all the time, but have no problems getting small things out without opening it, I just unzip it and dig :smile: I have to unbuckle it for bigger thing though, but that's not a big problem for me.