Mulberry Crimson Bayswater Gone from Website :(

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  1. Looks like I went in too late. I've been checking on the Crimson Spazz Bayswater, deciding if I should purchase or not, too late now. It's gone. I tried calling the Customer Service line and they confirmed that it's no longer available online.

    I do not have a Mulberry retailer where I live, other than the sporadic ones that get returned at my local dept. stores from online purchases

    The one I did see IRL at my local dept store, on sale, is also GONE. :cry:

    I love the Bayswater style, but cannot tote around heavy bags, which is why I loved the Bayswater Spazzalato Leather, as it was extremely lightweight.

    :confused1: Question is, can anyone direct me to the lightest weight leather in Bayswater...
    Would it be the tanned leather?

    I tried looking on the website and read up on the product care/line part-but it doesn't specify which Bayswaters (types) are the lightest?

    I'm interested now in the Chocolate, Rouge Noir (Patent), or Oak.
    Thank you in advance.
  2. :sad: Sorry that the bag you wanted has gone. I saw one today, but you are overseas, right? I dont think the shop I saw it in would mail overseas :sad:

    The antiqued leather is quite light, although it can be easily scratched.
  3. I'm so sorry! I know how you feel. I stalked the purple ostrich Bayswater last year only to have it disappear. Something just as good, if not better will come along. I love the rouge noir!
  4. Thank you LovinMyMulberry, yes, I'm overseas. I've called all Dept. Stores within a 45 minute vicinity of me...none of them carry Mulberry.
    Wish me luck on my search. This is a good example of why it is a good idea to always take advantage of good online sales.
  5. Thank you purseinsanity.
    I do love rouge noir as well! (I love your Ostrich)
    Currently debating the rouge noir wrinkled patent since Crimson is now gone.
    If wrinkled patent is similar to Spazz leather, that'll do, being lightweight.
  6. House of Fraser store in Glasgow was t h e store I saw it in. You could maybe contact t h e m to see if t he y ship overseas!?!
  7. Hi Natalie1885. Wrinkled patent looks to be sturdier than Spazz. I have *** Crinson spazz Bays and believe me it is not for *** faint hearted. I love it and will use it only occasionally keeping it stuffed and safe in between, but it will be *** last Spazz bag I ever get. Too high maintenance for me.
  8. Don't know why my "the" s appeared *** there?????
  9. T h e whole website has gone mad :P
  10. TY for this info! :flowers:
    We'll see all in all, how much it'd be to ship out to me.
  11. corries2, you are an angel, thank you for that information on the spazz leather, that is definitely something to keep in mind. the color crimson is just so :love:
    but maybe rouge noir would be much more durable, and is also a gorgeous color :love:
  12. I know!! Youtube seems to be down in some areas too.
  13. Crimson is wow and stop the traffic lovely and I use it to really jazz up black and grey outfits. Rouge noir is sturdier classier and possibly more versatile?

    Wish I could have them both !!!
  14. It's happening in one of my threads too. It's weird!
  15. Thanks natalie!