Mulberry at Heathrow airport?

  1. The Heathrow airport's Mulberry have anything on sale? anyone know?

    TIA :yes:
  2. Good question, could take advantage if you happen to be passing through, I guess it would be the sale prices minus VAT? :shrugs:
  3. I'm going to London and Paris in mid-Feb with my HD, we decide not go to the outlet :crybaby:. So, Heathrow airport is my last chance...
  4. Yobi which terminal are you using at Heathrow? I can post the number for you - give them a call, I've always found them really helpful. They have held items for me in the past too :tup:
  5. alycat,

    In Terminal 3

    Thanks :heart:
  6. The last time I went through Heathrow from Ireland to London and back I didn't see any mulberry section. Is there a mulberry section in this terminal?
  7. Oh no Yobi, sorry, but I don't think there is a Mulberry shop in Terminal 3 :crybaby:

    Tax Free Shop Terminal 4: +44 (0)20 8564 9911
    Tax Free Shop Terminal 1: +44 (0)20 8897 6212

    Just thinking though, when you fly from London to Paris, you might be using Terminal 1 or 4? BA use T4, British Midland use T1, and Air France use T2. Just gotta hope you're flying British Airways or British Midland!
  8. I fly by Air Canada, then take eurostar to Paris. I think I have to pay full price....:cry:
  9. Oh no. Boo to the Eurostar - no chance for Mulberries!!!

    OK, how much time do you have in the UK? I think you will just have to schedule in a little outlet visit ;)
  10. Is Mulberry cheaper at the airport? Taxfree?
  11. yes taxfree + sale when it's that time of the year .. not sure if the sale is still going on at the airport.
  12. Any Mulberry action at GATWICK? Please? Yes?
  13. I don't remember seeing any Mulberry store at Gatwick :tdown:
  14. I need to stop flying from Terminal 3 and use BA at Terminal 4 instead. Chanel, Mulberry and Hermes. Who cares about Eurobonus points when you can get things taxfree :smile:
  15. My mum is flying in to terminal 4 in a few weeks time.
    They have a good selection and you can get about £100 off some bags.

    My mum's taste, not so much!! She likes the congo bags (no offence to congo lovers, I am just a darwin girl).