mulberry alexa dilemma

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  1. hey guys, these pass few days, i've been trying to decide if i should get the OS mulberry alexa in black. im planning to use it daily but i hear its not built for daily use. another alternative would be the large proenza schouler ps1, but reviews for this one dont sound too good either, the hardware apparently fades. im just trying to look for a good, durable, classic black bag, but of course it has to be chic ! :biggrin: thanks guys. any input and other suggestions would be much appreciated!
  2. OS Alexa is super chic. I don't know how much you carry around, I tend to carry a lot and Alexa seems great. I do not tote too much though because I hears of bad reviews, but I also heard that black has better leather than my Oak. If you do not carry lap top and plenty of other stuff than your personal, Alexa is just a perfect bag.
  3. I have two regular Alexas and have used both a lot as day-to-day handbags. They have both stood up well to daily use and I don't over-baby my bags. But I don't really think they are built to carry very heavy weights such as laptops. Mulberry do other bags which might be more suitable if you carry a lot of heavy stuff.