Mulberries in odd places.......

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  1. Ok, now I know i have gone mad.

    Watching telly and an advert just came on for a product called 'dulcoease'. Its, an, ahem stool softener drug. Initially I didnt take much notice, until the actress pulled said drug from a lavender euston mulberry! lol.

    So this got me to thinking, whether in real life or on telly/in the movies, have you ever seen mulberries in odd places? Or is it just me and I am actually going odd! :nuts:

    PS: let me know if you see the said bag!
  2. Yes, I've seen it - ad inevitably comes on the telly whilst I'm eating lol!
  3. OMG I hate that ad. But don't watch much TV so haven't seen it for ages, and don't remember the bag.

    What dreadfully unflattering product placement for Mulberry - as carried by women who talk in public at mealtimes about their poo - Mulberry should sue!
  4. Shame as this is such a nice bag and colour! I remember that after the advert came out there was talk that some folk could not see this lovely bag without that dodgy advert coming to mind! Would not put me off a nice Lavender Euston though!
  5. On the day of the Employment Tribunal I came face to face with (and against )my non-wage paying manager (who would lose shamefully against me in two hours time...) ... he looked red, nervous, arrogant (his case was hopeless!) - and he was carrying a Mulberry... My Leopard Putty Bays Clutch ate him alive!!!
    After the hearing his Mulberry NVT bag all shrunk into wrinkles of shame...:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  6. Nice on Korzinka
  7. well in korzinka, out mulberried as well then eh!
  8. Good work, Korzinka! It also puts me in mind of Mulberry Ellie who fully outbagged her Ex employer's awful HR person in a meeting. I seem to recall that Ellie was carrying a python Roxanne whilst the HR woman was clutching some red pleather frankenbag, lol xx
  9. Love it!!
  10. :lolots: IWANB I love that phrase - a pleather frankenbag!! *shuddering at the thought*
  11. There was (still is? Not sure) an ad for Bachs Rescue Remedy that featured an Ostich Bays, and another that featured a Chloe Heloise
  12. ^ might start using it if thats the result!
  13. No, the owner probably just did the 'nosy thread' and needed what help she could get to calm down!
  14. :yes: :roflmfao:
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