Mui Mui Satchel

  1. I just bought this Mui Mui Satchel what do you guys think? Is it too expensive for Mui Mui?:sad:
    I love this bag I get it Monday the day after my bfriend is going to kill me.

    Mui Mui Satchel Fall 06.jpg
  2. Becca4277, which did you decide on?
  3. I have not made a decision! God I wish I could see both in person!
  4. OMG! no! it's a good decision. i LOVE this bag, although i prefer it in brown :P
  5. Great bag!! You did good.
  6. Thank you! I can't wait to get it! I fell in love with this bag as soon as I saw it.:yahoo:
  7. That's a beautiful bag!! Great choice!!
  8. nice! me likey. how much?
  9. Love the bag, congrats:heart:
  10. Its beautiful and looks mighty roomy! Congratulations!
  11. Beautiful. Congrats!!