Muffin's getting antsy.......

  1. ......have a feeling she's a little bored and just itching to do a little damage with that lightening-quick paw of hers. And if that's the case, I need to point her in the right direction.

    No scarves (have enough for now), no belts (just bought one), no jewelery (don't need any), no RTW (have to hack off half the bottom of everything so what's the point?). God knows I don't need another wallet, don't write in a journal, already have one of those carmencita'

    Any suggestions?
  2. china?
  3. 28 Kelly?
  4. Knee Pads?
  5. I think you would rock a CDC cuff.
  6. Barenia thongs? :nuts:
  7. That new "Pasha" leather wrist thing that I'm desperate for?
  8. a yak blanket, definitely.
  9. NOW you're talkin'!!

    Cod-piece with medor h/w lining?
  10. Cashmere Wrap.
  11. Gorgeous crystal tumblers?
  12. craftsman to take away?
  13. st louis martini glasses!
  14. Himalaya?
  15. trip to visit wall street?