MU HA HA HA!Just got back from SAKS!

  1. Missed the EGC yesterday and ended up buying a TON today at one of my nameless SHOE SA's that I ADORE..GAVE me the FULL 450 EGC ..A DAY LATE!!!!:woohoo::nuts::wtf::wlae:
    I was THRILLED and got yet my THIRD pair of Jimmy Choos shoes for NOTHING..heehee!
    My stash today ...
    1) yet another SHARPEI!(ROFL!)..I got the N/S tote!!in black!
    2)Jimmy Choo boots in black
    3)Jimmy Choo EEL skin black high heels!AMAZING IRL!
    4) Judith Ripka Earrings(for black tie tomorrow nt)
    5)Bagley Mishka evening satin frame bag..too cute...also for black tie event tomorrow
    here r pics!!!!
    I should have new CHANEL leather coat next week..then Im retiring my bank cards!LOL!

  2. Congrats! love your new Sharpei bag (great addition to you their family LOL), your boots are to die for!, and lastly congrats for having an excellent SA!!!;)
  3. Wow!!! Great choices. I love all your purchases and all your other purses as well.

    What a great SA.
  4. oh here are the earrings too
  5. sorry for blurry pics..using iphone in the dark..LMAO!
  6. Nice haul. I love the evening bag.

    Have fun at the party.
  7. Congrats on your gorgeous new things. I love the Choos and the earrings! :heart:
  8. SWEET! No more sharpeis for you dammit! and lol @then Im retiring my bank cards!LOL!
    yah right!!!!! Love the shoes, love love!!! You accually bought 3 jimmy choos, lol. Im wearing your shoes right now around my house, they feel great!
  9. Nice haul and what a sweet SA!!

  10. HAHAHAHA!!!!!U better not forget to bring them tomorrow when u do my makeup girl!!!I need to TOWER over ROb in those 4 inch Choos...ROFLMAO!:roflmfao:
  11. Dang woman- awesome haul!!!!
  12. I'm drooling!!! You're going to look AMAZING tomorrow night!!
  13. Beautiful! Congrats. And what a nice added treat that you got the gift card as well.
  14. Great purchases as always Jill! Love the Badgley Mischka - very classy for tomorrow night.

    You are going to look so HAWT! Can I be your back-up date? LOL
    I wish I had yer HOT Chanel to take...hehe..LOVE that bag!