MTV True Life: Goach Sighting

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  1. On MTV True Life: Episode "I'm a Southern Belle"

    While the blonde girl is out on a date...her friend shows up and stops by the table and her friend has a really big and really gross Goach!!

    Of course the first thing I thought of was you gals and how grossed out you would be if you were watching.

    Anyone else see this?
  2. I saw that too! I said EWWWW out loud. It was really bad!!
  3. Saw it!
  4. Oh My.

    In southern-speak, that's TACKY!


    ... and very un-Southern Belle-like. Southern Belles know which pattern of china they will order for their wedding they are 10 at the latest... which pattern of silver their parents own.... and NOT to strut around with obviously fake goods.... ESPECIALLY out in public... and on a show that will air NATIONWIDE.

  5. I saw that one too!