Msn on sidekick 3??!?!??!

  1. Hiya!
    I just got my sidekick 3 the other day and i love it except that it doesnt have MSN! it has yahoo & aol but i don't use either of them, And i know the American one has MSN already on it doesnt it?
    But i'm so annoyed cause that's one of the main reasons i got it!
    Sorry to post this hear i have been googling for a hour now with no luck on how to get msn!:wtf:
    I heard you can log on on the internet on it?
    Please someone help me ! it's driving me insane :push:
  2. I assume you have T-Mobile. Did you signup for their Sidekick plan?
  3. Yea , I live in the UK and we don't have msn on it atm , so i was told at T-mobile that you can log onto msn online on the browser on it but i have no idea how, and know the person that told me that has left and everyone and my t-mobile don't know anything about the sidekicks.
  4. Have you called the tech support number? I'm pretty sure you need to have a Sidekick Data plan in order to get in the net with that phone as it uses separate servers from T-Mobile. Call tech support, make sure your actt is set up properly, then try. If you still can't get it, ask them to talk you through troubleshooting the internet connection.
  5. have you tried! as far as I know that's the webbased version and should somehow work with your SK :yes:
  6. I have a sidekick 3 in the UK too, the only way we can get on msn is by using a site like the one posted above!
  7. Thanks so much!
    it's so annoying not having it built onto it :push:

    Thanks for the help too Charles ,I have given up with asking T-mobile for help now , they never answear when i call the tech support or their help line or the answear leave me on hold for several hours and hang up!

    Omgblonde do you know if they are planning on like properly putting it on the sidekick 3's!? it's stupid how it's not on the UK one! i heard someone at t-mobile say it's £5.99 for MSN a few months ago but that doesnt sound right...

    Anyways thanks everyone!
  8. I doubt they'll put it on at this point. I mean, it's what almost 2 years old now? The Sidekick is pretty locked down when it comes to adding software. Is there anyway you can take it back for something else? A MDA Vario II or the Touch perhaps. MUCH better phones.