~~~Ms. Passy CASSIS does have a HEART!!! and a few FRIENDS ~~~ (34 pics)

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  1. Passy01.jpg Passy02.jpg Passy03.jpg Passy04.jpg Passy05.jpg
  2. congrats, I love it
  3. wow, it's gorgeous.
  4. Passy is GORGEOUS in Cassis congrats

    Now open those other boxes!
  5. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! So beautiful!
  6. Lovely purple - I wish I was brave enough to buy a purple bag! Love it!
  7. So Ms. Violette Zippy and Ms. Violette Cles went along for a ride ... and I'm so happy they did!

    I know Ms. Violette Heart doesn't look the hottest with Ms. Passy, with gold chain and Passy's silver hardware ... so I may have to get her a different heart ... like say ... a Mirrror Silver Heart?
    Passy06.jpg Passy07.jpg Passy08.jpg Passy09.jpg Passy10.jpg
  8. Omg so gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  9. Here's some Solo pics ...
    Passy11.jpg Passy12.jpg Passy13.jpg Passy14.jpg Passy15.jpg
  10. I LOVE LOVE all of your goodies!!! The color is TDF! Congrats!!!
  11. gorgeous!!! love that color!!!
  12. Another shopping spree? Hehe... I love it... you definitely LOVE purple. :smile: I love the Epi Passy.. :smile:
  13. Wow, sea of gorgeous purple :nuts: Congrats :yahoo:
  14. Here's with the Violette Zippy, Cassis Pochette and Grenade Eugenie inside!
    Passy16.jpg Passy17.jpg Passy18.jpg Passy19.jpg Passy20.jpg
  15. this colour so looks so nice! Congrats on all your purple goodies!!