Mr Clean Magic Eraser is the BOMB!

  1. Ok, I have to share this with you all.

    THIS ITEM IS A MIRACLE. I kid you not.

    In the course of an hour, it completely cleaned:

    - mildew off wall in bathroom
    - sticky teenage jolly rancher/red vines goo off rubber fridge door handle
    - soap scum off glass shower door


    INK mark off Marc Jacobs leather handbag!!!


    If I could buy a PALLET of these things, I would. :lol:
  2. Did you use the same one for all of em? lol
  3. I agree! I got rid of all those annoying scuff marks on the walls without leaving that telltale spotting.

    My DH thinks I'm a miracle worker just for discovering this product!
  4. The best response I can muster to this question comes in the form of a quote from Abe Lincoln. Do with it what you will. ;)

    " 'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. "
  5. I used it for my LV handles ( i actually used the Scotch brite version of it) kinda dried it out a bit ( nothing a little conditioner wont fix) but its back to its honey patina!!!
  6. Oh ya It works like a charm on running shoes!!
  7. I don't even know what I need it for, but I'm going to buy one tomorrow!! ;)
  8. AAhhhh...I need one....anyone interested in sending me one in Hong Kong???!!!!!!
  9. I'd be happy to! PM me your info!! They are light as a feather so it won't cost much!
  10. Roo....would you send some to Holland (pleeeeeese)? I can send you money for cloth + postage via paypal.
  11. Sure, whoever wants one, PM me! Global priority mail is $9 to most places and gets there in 5-7 days!

    ED: because these are so light in weight it may be even cheaper depending on where you are...
  12. I love these Mr. Clean erasers, I haven't found anything yet that it can't clean!!
  13. Oh I have to agree!

    They are awesome.

    That thing got out the ink marks out of the bottom of my purse.

    They also work wonders for removing grime off of rings and other jewelry too.

    (First post BTW, lol. So HI everyone!)
  14. WELCOME!!!!!:flowers:
  15.'s amazing how something so small and light can get us all worked up. i agree, i have a magic eraser in every room of my apt, although i don't find it works very well on stainless (leaves residue), i use it on EVERYTHING else possible.