Moving to Chicago!!

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  1. I am moving to Chicago in a couple of weeks! Anyone have any tips on what type of coat to buy? I have coats but I live in the South...the last time I saw real snow down here was when I was 6 or 7 years old. Or any tips on living there in general? I think we are going to look for a place to live downtown. Are people pretty nice? I'm nervous it will be hard to make all new friends.
  2. Chicago is a great town. People there are awesome. You will definitely need a wool coat, though. At the very least a car length, probably a full length one. And gloves, a scarf and earmuffs (or a hat). It can get very windy by the water. Good luck!
  3. I think you meant the plural "coats." Lots of difference between 40 degrees and zero degrees. My winter coat is a Spyder parka, and I have a long poofy coat for dog walking in the cold. My fall jacket is a wool pea coat. Best thing to keep warm is layering. I love polar fleece!

    Then, of course, you have to have gloves, head coverings, scarves and WARM boots. I live in my Uggs in the winter. I also have a pair of zip up Lands End boots for going out with the pooches. Keeping warm takes a lot of equipment.
  4. Agree with the layering, it's a must, especially since the heating inside is so hot and stuffy so it's nice to be able to remove some layers to prevent overheating.
    Apres ski style boots are something I couldn't live without here, not just for warmth but for practical reasons, I have a pair of Tecnica "Skandia" boots that I live in most of the winter.

    The coats that I usually wear during the really cold winter months is a knee length down coat with a fur hood for day and a thick cashmere/wool blend below the knee coat for at night or for a dressier day time coat.

    Right now when it's not that cold I just wear a wool pea coat.

    I moved here from Australia a little over 2 years ago and it was pretty easy to adjust to life in Chicago, the people here are very nice.
    I live downtown, I love it, I really recommend the Streeterville/Goldcoast areas of Chicago, if you're looking at renting there are some great rental buildings in the area and they're not too badly priced either, in a safe area and so conveniently located.
  5. As Pidgeon says, there are coats for the in-between days of fall and winter, almost-winter, and real cold and windy winter. Layering is good. Something to keep the neck and ears covered and different kinds of gloves--the nice-looking thin ones won't cut it in the middle of winter. I used thick doble-lined wool gloves; leather is good too-the wind won't go thru.

    The sales tax is a shock, but the state income tax is low and not graduated (which is regressive, I know). The culture scene is great--always lots to do.

    The people are friendly and helpful--I'll bet you will like the midwestern spirit a lot.

    Best wishes!
  6. Coats?? I hadn't thought about it getting that cold! I'm moving with the guy I am dating and I've never lived anywhere very cold. I was in San Diego for a while and it definitely doesn't get cold there. What type of coat should I be looking for for right now then? I have a knee length wool coat but I don't know if it is thick enough for the weather...
  7. If you're going to be here for the whole winter you're going to need a down coat, I would be looking for one of those right now if you already have a knee length wool coat (which should be fine for temps around freezing if you have the right thermals/layers and winter accessories)
    North Face has some good down coats, if you're looking for something a bit more girly the Juicy Couture ones are nice. Ski shops have some great options too (like the Spyder parka that Pidgeon mentioned).

    Boxermom is correct, regular gloves aren't good enough in winter, your fingers will freeze in regular wool gloves. For casual days or running errands I actually wear proper ski gloves.
  8. Welcome to Chicago!!! I just moved here a year ago and LOVE IT!!!!

    Seriously, the path of least resistance is NORTH FACE. Get yourself a big North Face parka. It's worth the investment, and although they are not the most fashionable things to wear, everyone here wears them for a reason: they really are great for the wintertime. As far as my coat closet goes, it's fairly modest: one long black coat, one knee-length red coat, two thick wool jackets, one puffy Northface parka. That's definitely enough to keep me warm through the winter.

    The people here are NICE. Well, you're from the south and people there are nice as well, but I'm from California -- so the attitude of people in the respective locations is a BIG CHANGE!

    I think you will have a great time!

    Why are you moving here? Work, family?
  9. The guy I'm seeing received a job offer there. I just moved back from San Diego to be with him and now he is taking this job so we are moving. It should be fun but I'm very nervous now! I can't imagine real cold. I do have one Northface down coat I got in New York when I went for Christmas but it is short. Moving to Chicago definitely sounds like a big investment in coats!

    In the winter, what do people do if its so cold besides work? Do people still leave the house to do things?
  10. Unless it was so cold my car wouldn't start, or there was too much snow, I just bundled up and did what I needed to do. The weather doesn't really stop people from being active--they are a hardy bunch. Winter is a great time to go to the museums; check your coat and spend time indoors; Chicago has several world-class museums. Most areas with walking/running paths will still have people exercising, except on the worst days.
  11. You are sooo lucky! I would love to live in Chicago. It's my favorite city in the whole country, no lie! Hopefully someday I'll be able to relocate there, but for now, I'll content myself with visiting as often as possible!!

    Good Luck with the move, I'm sure you'll adjust quickly!!
  12. Yes, people definitely still leave the house! Bars and clubs are still packed...

    The winters really make the summers that much more special. Plus Chicago summers are SO FUN. There is always some kind of festival or event... you will never be bored in the summer.

    If you ever need a shopping buddy here, let me know!
  13. Thanks IntlSet! I may take you up on that offer!

    Okay, places to get your eyebrows waxed, hair cut? Places to go out like a lounge type place or places with just a great atmosphere? Also, does anyone know where their guys go to get their hair cut? My boyfriend is a bit particular about his hair...