Moving and Transporting much loved Chanels- help please

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  1. Hello- I have been reading about Chanel a lot in the forum and has collected about 12 classic pieces the past year, and I'm due to move homes- from LA to SF- my questions are: For those who have moved- how did you transport your bags? We have professional packers and movers coming to do everything (my husband's company is moving us), but of course I don't want them touching my bags, but apparently, if I pack them myself- insurance doesn't cover it for damage or loss. And I'm afraid to pack them all in a suitcase- might get deformed/ruined. And we are not moving into our home yet but staying in a hotel, so they need to put all our stuff in storage for about a month! How safe is it to have them transport the bags? How safe is it to have them stored? What are your experiences and thoughts? Of course I have a lot of brand new shoes I'm worried about too- but my chanels come first. HELP PLEASE- I appreciate any feedback...thank you!
  2. Congrats on moving up north!

    When I moved two years ago, I put all of my handbags, shoes and jewelry in my car. I personally moved everything the day before my movers got to the house. I put everything in a closet so that they would not be seen. Since you are coming up from LA, are you driving your car up here?
  3. Yes, I'm driving- BUT- I have a 3 yr old who has a lot of stuff too. Yes, I plan on bringing all my jewelry with me for sure, but the bags- I'm not sure they will fit in the car- maybe I'll dedicate a suitcase and just keep them in their dustbags- hopefully they aren't squished. So you think movers/storage will not be safe? thanks for the response! I'm really in a panic- no to mention I'm 7 months pregnant! Truly crazy times.
  4. When we moved to our new house few years ago, the movers packed all our things including my shoes and purses. Never had a problem. It was nicely packed. All my Chanels and other purses were packed in it's boxes and placed in one big box with proper labels. All I brought in our car was my jewelries, our watches and important documents. It was a hassle free for us since the movers did the packing and unpacking to the new house.
  5. That's ideally what I would like to happen- did the movers have to touch/open the bags in the boxes- or I can just tell them- pack those chanel boxes in bigger boxes? Yes and the labelling too- that's what I plan to do. You must have had really good movers- I'm hoping our movers would be really professional because my husband's company is paying for it and items are insured for up to $150K. I am thinking now I should just leave it all up to them so they are liable in case of loss or damage then just claim if anything happens- hopefully nothing happens. Thank you too for this feedback!

  6. Can you mail them to yourself? I am originally from the WC but on the East Coast currently and I often wonder how I'll get my bag collection back home once I am done here. I've decided that I will pack everything up very securely, and insured, and then mail them to myself.

    It may not work as well as I am thinking it could but that's what I plan on trying..

  7. Yes, they were very good. They boxed accordingly on each area of the house. I was very concern with all the Chinas and porcelain in the kitchen and dining coz some of the pieces are very rare and been in the family for years but they did a great job packing/unpacking it.

    They didn't need to open the boxes of your purses and shoes, I just instructed them where to put it per boxes and have the list accordingly. I didn't worry a lot since it's covered by our insurance.

    Good luck on your move!

  8. I moved in September and let the movers take EVERYTHING but I did the packing myself because I need things to be organized in a specific way that makes sense to me. I would let them pack it all and move it, maybe add that you want things in boxes packed inside bigger boxes.
  9. If you're using professional bonded movers, then I wouldn't worry too much about it. We moved across the world a couple of times and each time we took really old and valuable china as well as expensive designer items - all were very professionally packed and then unpacked again. I do make sure that I supervise them though cos like nymifashion, I prefer things to be organised a certain way and labelled properly. So all I did was like put my bags in their dustbags and boxes (do stuff them properly too) and then the movers put all these individual boxes into their packing boxes.

    If you simply hand over a packed and sealed box to them, I don't think it's covered by insurance cos they would not have been able to verify that it's been properly packed in the first place.

    Good luck! I hate moving - it's always so stressful!!
  10. Thank you everyone for the feedback! Now I know why everyone feels the love in this forum- I mean we are probably the only ones who understand each other and our love for bags. I think I will do the same and supervise the packing, label the boxes, and have my own notebook where I can write contents of the boxes. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!
  11. oh yes the list of numbered boxes and their contents is crucial! I once left my husband to supervise the packing and ended up with 27 boxes labelled "household contents"!!!
  12. Lol. That's so cute and funny! Good luck with the move, baglovwer!

  13. I thought of mailing to myself but I'm worried about storage in hotel - cause we're not moving to our house for a few weeks. I can't imagine watching after my bags and constantly worrying about it being in the hotel room. Mailing is really a good idea if you have your home ready. I think I will leave it to packers/movers/storage- it will be insured anyway. (Of course I'd still be constantly worrying about my bags the whole time they're away from me :cry:


  14. I will definitely be home when packers pack our stuff and will label all items accordingly. I don't trust my husband with that stuff- he couldn't care less about my bags...only us ladies understand our love for our bags! THANK YOU!


  15. if youre afraid of them getting squished, stuff them with paper before you pack, they should be fine in their dustbags like that