1. Okay ladies, I just had to do another club. Be proud of your mousse bags, and don't forget to state the style you have. Isn't the mousse TDF!!!
  2. Yes! I really wanna be a member! Hopefully soon! Mousse is truly amazing!
  3. Hey,,,

    I have the mousse in a large slouch paddy
  4. I LOVE my chloe large pocket paddy. Eventhough its heavy, I still carry it everywhere. I've had so many compliments on the style and specially the unique color with the silver hardware. Get it while you can and the ladies who have it already are fortunate. Have a good day everyone!!!
  5. It sure is a lovely bag - I use mine as my inflight bag when going away!
  6. I've got the reg satchel
  7. Nawth21... thats lovely - do you use it often?
  8. Yep, This one and my metallic anthracite are my everyday bags. They both go equally well with my wardrobe so I'll wear either one depending on my mood.
  9. I have the mousse pocket paddy. This isn't a very good picture of her though.
  10. oooooohhh, BalLove, i have the same one! don't you just LOVE her?????
  11. ^^^ Yes, I absolutely do! She goes with everything!! She was a total impulse buy too. I didn't think I would end up using more than everyone else (except for the B-bags, of course).
  12. yes! mine was an impulse buy too! so glad were twins! ;) :lol:
  13. Here's my MOUSSE shopping tote i love it! its sooooo roomy, I put everything in it!
    chloe 001.jpg chloe 002.jpg chloe 003.jpg chloe 004.jpg
  14. Since I am officially keeping my mousse paddy I will join the club (if y'all have me.) ;)
  15. OOOOOOh! That's the one I want!:love: