Mother's Day Presents?

  1. I'm usually pretty good at thoughtful Mother's Day gifts, but this year I can't think of anything! What is everyone else thinking of/or bought for their mothers?
  2. my mom passed away almost 4 yrs ago so nothing for her.. but for my bf's mom, can't think of any since she didn't really give me a nice present for xmas last yr.. hehehe....
  3. I only accept designer handbags from my family!..HEE!HEE! ....LOL!....seriously...when the holidays come around..the PHH starts to cry..he HATES having to actually BUY me a bag!LOL!
    I send my own mother and card with a GC for a spa usually.
  4. How about a gift cert. for a mani. and pedi. or a spa day for just the two of you. That has always been a dream of mine, if my mom were still with us.
  5. I think I'm gonna buy a Vuitton bag for my mom. I still haven't decided with one to get her yet. But whatever I get, I just hope she likes it.
  6. Yeah I would, except I live in CA and she in NC. I was thinking about getting her the foot massager from Brookstone, but I don't know. I don't want to spend too much but would be willing if I knew she'd love/enjoy it.
  7. Does she have a favorite resturaunt that you can send her a gift cert. to. My mom used to LOVE to eat out!:biggrin:
  8. i don't know what to get for my mom either :sad:. i think i got her some uggs last year cuz she really wanted a pair. this year i was thinking a burberry silk scarf or coach bag (she doesnt care for high end bags).
  9. my mom would get pissed if I spent a lot of money on her...I will next year when I get a job.
    I got her a french press, and I'll probably get her flowers.
  10. I give my BF's mom B&B stuff I make. She loves those.

    My mom is continents away and I send her an ecard every Mother's Day.
  11. My mother loves to garden, so I give her some hard-to-find perennials and a garden accessory. She can tend to it and help develop it, just like she did with me, my two brothers and my four kids.

    Find what she enjoys.
  12. That is so sweet!
  13. I'm gonna give my mumzi a bottle of perfume.
  14. I'm taking my mom to the LV store on Mother's Day and let her pick out her dream bag. It's from dad and I.

    And giving bf's mom a nice chinese vase since she owns a flower shop so giving her flowers on that day is a bit useless. :lol:
  15. Maybe get her a manicure and pedicure? Or a spa day? Or perhaps, a nice strand of pearls?