Mother's Day Gift

  1. I went to LV today intending to buy either a pomme or framboise cles, key chain or key holder and walked out with this one - Mandarin epi 6 key holder


    Hubby liked this over the pomme 4 key holder. I like it. It looks nice with my epi ivorie and most especially in my new car. :yahoo:
  2. Wow, love the colour! Congrats
  3. Oh, how lucky! I've been wanting one forever but they're out over here.

    Such a beautiful color! Happy Mother's Day!
  4. So pretty, Mandarin is one of my favorite Epi colors- congrats!!!
  5. Very pretty color- congrats!
  6. congrats! love the colour
  7. Very pretty, love that color!
  8. :heart:Happy Mother's Day Jo :heart:
  9. great color!
  10. Love the color.
  11. love mandarin epi!
  12. Hooray!
  13. Mandarin is such a happy colour ~ Congrats and Happy Mother's Day!!:flowers:
  14. Congrats. Mandrin is a great color. I got the framboise cles.
  15. mandarin.