Mother's Day Gift Opinions

  1. Hi all, I want to buy my mother a purse for Mother's Day, and I was thinking about the Gustto Bolia bag. Anyone have it/have opinions about it?

    Here's a link to a picture:

    If not this, what other suggestions do you have? She likes them to have a few separate compartments and longer straps. My budget is under $1000. Thank you so much for your help!! :smile:
  2. Hi there,

    Why not the Belen Echandia Indulge Me? Jackie is just very very nice to deal with and I must say I have not had this level of customer service with any one thus far.

    Besides, there aren't too many of these floating around, so it will be a unique bag. At $625 with $40 for shipping it is well within your budget.

    The website is


  3. Thank you for all your help! No, she is not a huge fan of messenger bags, but I think I like the Abaco messenger for me :drool:
    No, must resist...must maintain focus....
  4. Of all of the above, the Gustto Bolio is MY favorite and I'm a mom!!! She will love it!!
  5. Thank you guys for your help! :smile: I just need to find the best deal on any one of these bags, and I'm sure my Mom would love any of these.