Most practical bag for a busy mom?

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  1. I have the NF mono MM, which is great for an everyday tote to work, but looking for something that I can also lug around my toddler's clothes/toys/diapers etc..was eyeing a Tivoli GM on Ebay since it is large and zips up. Any other suggestions?
  2. I have both Speedy B in DE and NF mm but since I bought Turrene mm I use it most. It has cross body strap, zipper, structure and roomy.
  3. I use an emp speedy b 30. It's been my go to bag for months and has been everywhere with us. Love the cross body option and would not pick a bag that isn't xbody.
  4. Speedy isn't a 'black hole?' when trying to grab something out of it?
  5. Not for me. My stuff is in the pockets and my most used things are on top of the pile. I don't put diapers or wipes in my bag though. I just don't need them with dd. I mostly carry a few snacks or toys for her and a spare outfit.
  6. Speedys are always black holes, it's almost like they can defy the laws of physics. For your lifestyle I recommend getting a purse organizer; not only will it make things easier to find but it will also help protect your bag's interior against spills, staining, dirt, etc.
    This website has an awesome selection for Speedys if you're interested:
  7. Oh! I was thinking of getting a Turenne ..maybe PM. Haven't tried it at the boutique, yet. I liked that it had a large flat pocket and 2 smaller flat pockets (as opposed to the little tiny one Speedy B's have). I haven't convinced myself I like the Turenne's styling with those two side pleats -- anyone else having issues accepting the look? heh. Most purse organizers add too much weight for my taste. (I'm the kind of person who thinks 2lbs is too heavy for a purse.)
  8. I was looking at the Siena and the turenne too. My lumi was my favorite bag but it had glazing issues and I'm still looking for a replacement.
  9. I'm a mom of 4 and my best mom bag is the Totally MM. I have lots of LV but I would recommend Speedy B. I have an Emp Noir 30. It's a terrific bag that you can wear two different ways. You can get this in Emp or a canvas. You can put your things into pouches so it isn't a black hole. I do not recommend the Tivoli GM. I owned it for a very short time and sold it because it's heavy, the zipper requires two hands to zip, and the base is SO WIDE! Very uncomfortable to put your arm down if you can imagine what I mean. You have to stick the bag behind you to make it comfortable and because the bag is so big and I am so small, it looked very strange. It was not comfortable for my on my shoulder at all, either. It's so lovely to look at, but it was not for me.

    Good luck deciding!
  10. I have a little guy and asked a similar question a few days ago. I'm leaning towards the speedy b 35
  11. I just got the speedy b 30 and ordered a samorga organiser for inside
  12. My answer to most questions on this forum is Metis Hobo! Best bag ever! So comfy and a great mom bag.
  13. Sounds like the speedy b is a popular the next question is...mono or Damier?
  14. Estrela nm noir ... Mommy perfection... Its close to your nf mm in size, with a detachable strap, zippered closure with lock, the empriente hardware, and wide opening so no speedy black hole effect.
  15. I will always say to get a de bag if you don't want empreinte. I had a few issues with using my mono nf as a mommy bag when dd was younger. Never again! Lol.