Most popular LV style

  1. Which do you think is the most popular LV style of all? I noticed that the speedy is super popular. Why do you think that is?
  2. Probably Speedy and Papillon.
  3. id say speedy also. papillion or alma in second :P
  4. I believe the Speedy to be a classic as well. That was my first LV bag, as for alot of people to start off their collection too.
  5. It's a classic style and a good bag to start out with. It's got a ton of room for the price!
  6. Speedy, Alma, Cabas Piano, and Noe. All classics.
  7. i think the Speedy is the most overrated (this coming from someone with TWO Speedies :lol:), but it's definitely a classic. after Louis Vuitton made the Speedy for Audrey Hepburn EVERYONE wanted it
  8. I think the Speedy is the most popular style. It's a great piece at a good price.
  9. speedy
  10. :yes: Definitely.:flowers:
  11. def. speedy
  12. speedy is the most popular probably for its iconic style and recognizable shape... :wlae:
  13. I think BH is getting pretty popular too
  14. As if you even need to ask...SPEEDY!
  15. I would have to agree with most, speedy:flowers:
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