Most carried

  1. Post pics or description of your most carried coach here
  2. I carry my new large sig. Carly alot now. I love it. Oh, and I just had to show you my puppy Masai:biggrin:
    Ebay Pics 256.jpg Ebay Pics 257.jpg
  3. I LOVE my chocolate brown sig shoulder tote. I find myself alwalys going back to it. It holds everything!
    Sorry, I don't have a pic of my purse or my Boxer!!
  4. I've been carrying this tote for the better part of the last few months.
    Soho tote 1 003.jpg
  5. Nowadays I carry my crimson signature stripe tote......

    And that's Fat Louie. He's my favorite large accessory....
    bag1.jpg FL.jpg FL2.jpg
  6. Did you get the cat's name from a book? I know I've read or heard that name somewhere before. :smile:
  7. Haha yes actually. It's from The Princess Diaries. The books more so than the movies. His name was just Louie originally because he used to curl up in my Louis Vuitton bags when he was just a kitten. he loved the way the leather smelled. Fat Louie came after reading the books-- and some 15 pounds later. He's a biiiiiiig kitty. :p
  8. I love Masai and Fat Louie! :love:
  9. My most-carried is my black signature Mandy. She's my go-to bag for just about every situation. Love her!


    My other most-carried is my khaki/ebony signature Hippie. And I'm also using my new camel leather large Carly a lot but I'm still a bit paranoid about using it in the rain. That's why I love my Mandy - I can throw her around, use her in the rain, toss her on the floor of the car, etc. and I don't have to worry about her.
  10. i'd give a picture of the most carried bag i carry but i don't have my camera phone w/me or the camera.
    But i carry a black signature satchel i got from maybe 3 or 4 years ago. it's pretty big and black and i've used it for a while :smile:
  11. 1. Black Ali
    2. Whiskey Mandy
  12. I use my red Hamptons Pebbled Book Tote as a school bag and a purse. I've pretty much been using it straight since mid-March when I got it. I just wish the top was adjustable because it doesn't open that far.
  13. wow all three of us have boxers
  14. My black ali. I just love it!
  15. god she's beautiful.