most amazing head turning color

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  1. Ok all of you dear and beloved Chloe fans..if it was only that is the most outstanding, head turning, cool color a paddy could be...the answer is??????maggie
  2. Do you mean our favorite color already made or what we wish was made?
  3. I was thinking already made but hey...maybe we could inspire those that inspire us. m
  4. whiskey, blue nuit and grenat are the eye popping colors...

    Craie and chocolate get lingering admiring glances (especially chocolate in the sun)...
  5. Just bought today, which is my favorite...... chocolate!!
  6. if its alrady been made, i like the blanc and blue nuit the most.

    if i can create a color for paddy... i would choose the ink color from Bbag....
    love that color...and i think they will perfectly match together...haha:love:
  7. The color that makes my head snap when I see another woman wearing
    a paddy is the blanc/craie/sable/vanilla.

    Something about the white shades that really draws my eye!

    That said, I get the most compliments on mousse!! LOL
  8. Grenat!!!:drool: :heart: Just love that colour. But the chocolate and tan are close.
  9. lordguinny, hmwe, I completely agree with you both! :yes:

    I think whiskey is the most eye-catching “pop” color and craie/blanc/sable/vanilla is the most eye-catching “beauty” color.

    My most complimented paddy is my craie, everyone seems to love her! :love:
  10. Just based on looking at Chloes in dept stores the orange color really stands out to me and also any white shade.

    The chocolate and whiskey are beautiful but don't grab my attention.
  11. The new orange is the most "head turning" in my opinion. Literally! I saw it, my head turned and I was like a moth to a flame, I had to go over and see it.
    I love the richness of the standards, grenat, whiskey, chocolate, craie, etc, etc.
  12. in terms of "head turning" for me i'd say chocolat :drool: . but in terms of "oh wow her paddy's gorgeous" it would probably be blanc & craie :nuts:

    again im a sucker for the ones that make the hardware stand out.
  13. whiskey and grenat!!!!!I love these colors, they are so rich..
  14. Orange - it's a corker!!:nuts:
  15. I did it.....I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Orange it is. I haven't been this excited about a purse for a long time. My SA shipped from another store have not much....I couldn't wait to buy it...The leather is amazing and the severe creases fell out over night. I'm guessing they were from shipping from one Nordstrom to the next. I LOVE this color. It is so rich...I love the oh man...thank you for all of the great advice. At least I have one now...maggie