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  1. Thinking of getting myself a Moschino bag, just wondering if you could share your thoughts/opinion of the brand and hopefully those who already own their bags could share how they've held up, and whether the quality is up to standard!
  2. I own a Love Moschino bag, I love it and couldn't be happier with it. I got it last summer so can't really say anything about how it holds up but the quality is good, definitely worth the investment.

    I see Moschino as a brand that doesn't take things too seriously and always leaves a little room for humor and play. Especially the Love Moschino bags are fun and games all the way - I bought mine largely because of the TetraPak milk cartons that are featured on the print...(TetraPak is a Finnish invention, gotta show sum support fa mah peeps) :biggrin:

    All in all, I feel like my 1st isn't going to be my last when it comes to this brand. :smile:
  3. I was looking at the Love Moschino crossbody bag with the cute black building silhouette, but stopped the purchase when the SA told me that the trimmings were PU leather. So, just remember to check up on that if it bothers you too :smile: If it doesnt bother you, I think Moschino bags are worth it, they look pretty good quality.
  4. My LM has patent lining and trimmings, but it's good to know the others have PU. There are only a handful of brands that do what LM does; the drawing-style print isn't something you see every day on a handbag. I saw a cherry red tote in the arm of a customer today, and boy was it pretty...:loveeyes:
  5. I just bought one last week and I was disappointed that it's not real leather, especially for the price tag, but other than that I like it. The inside is sateen and it's so nice and soft!