For me, it was the most incredible place in Morocco. The streets are extremely narrow and you constantly have to jump out of the way for donkeys. On the roofs are where the leather is tanned, you can purchase a nice leather bag made in Fez.
    Also, Fez plates are another must buy. They're gorgeous!
    Fez is where you can experience the flavor of Morocco.
  2. I just got back 3 days ago from Marrakech, I was traveling alone too and I would say it's fine so long as you KNOW you are going to be started at, rude comments will be made and everyone will in hassle you if you are ALONE. However, I always found a group of guys to hang out with & then it was fine, but a woman alone WILL have a hard time (esp negotiating for things in the mendina). Even when I was in groups of girls it was a little overwhelming. You will have a great time & be fine, PM me if you have questions I also have a hostel recommendation if you want one :smile:

    Also you HAVE to try #66 in the main square for dinner at least once. It was AMAZING!
  3. I have a trip planned to Morocco in September, me and 3 girlfriends. We're planning on touring around with a rental car, visiting a different city almost every day: Marrakech, Meknes, Fes, Rabat and Casablanca.

    I'm very curious about personal experiences of ladies here on how to dress in Morocco. I've heard that it's better to cover yourself up, even in the touristy areas, especially since we're a group of girls. I have no problem adjusting to their "dress code", but I don't exactly have a lot of things in my summer wardrobe that go below the knee or cover my arms...

    Can anyone give me some advice on how to make my western-european girl wardrobe work? :smile: Any other recommendations on where to go and what not to miss are very much appreciated too!
  4. I spent several weeks in Morocco alone and never felt uncomfortable. In the touristy areas you see almost everything, but I usually just covered my shoulders and thighs. Short sleeves and a skirt or dress to the knee would be fine. Loose flowy pants would be great too, or jeans if its not too hot. I would wear flat shoes since you will be walking on old streets.
  5. thank you, will remember your recomendations when I pack my bag :smile: