More Venting: Customer Service

  1. Grrr.... :rant:

    I am currently on hold waiting to talk to a Supervisor/Manager... Here's the story:

    I've been losing my wireless internet connection for a while now like at 11-12 pm... So it happened again just a while ago, so I call my internet provider, ATT/Yahoo High Speed Internet. So I'm talking to this lady explaining to her the situation, and the WHOLE TIME while she's asking me all of these questions, she's being SOOOO rude. She also talked to me as if I was an idiot and was just wasting her time. Oh, and impatient too. That's a major one.

    So when she told me to locate something on my computer, I told her I couldn't find it. She got impatient and started talking impatiently, so I just got SICK AND TIRED of it and just said, "Ma'am, may I speak to someone with less of an attitude?" She paused for what seemed like forever and finally said "Sir, I cannot do that... if you can, please call us back..." So I cut her off and said "Well then may I PLEASE speak to your Supervisor?" So she told me to hang on for 2 minutes... and guess what? SHE HANGS UP ON ME.

    So I call back, and I ask the person if they could get the name of the person who I last talked to, and she said that she wasn't able to do that... :rant: Well that person got away this time... :Push:
  2. Oh my gosh, that is soooo rude!! I hate rude people :censor:.

    You know a trick DH told me and actually worked.... when you get on a phone with a customer service person, first thing you do is ask for their name. While you are talking, keep on mentioning the name so she/he knows that you know exactly who you are talking to (in case you need to speak to their supervisor later on)

    For instance, I would say, "What kind of information do you need from me, Adam?" "When will the repairman be able to come, Adam?" Just drop the name in the conversation...

    Sorry you had to deal with someone so rude :sad:
  3. Oh, I hate these stories. I'm so sorry this happened to you!

    Unfortunately, many support center/call centers do not empower their employees to make any decisions outside of the general 'rules.' The "supervisors" are mysterious, anonymous people who are impossible to get ahold of. This is completely unacceptable.

    Combine that with the job itself. It's thankless. No one calls technical support to say "hey, I just want you to know everything's fine and I love your service!" These people have to take abuse day in and day out. I'm not saying you were abusive; I'm just saying that people in general will say things over the phone that they would never say to someone's face.

    That said, there is no excuse for this agent to have been so rude, much less hang up on you! :rant: I agree with the earlier post to get a name and use it often, and keep track of when you called and who you spoke with in case you do decide to write a complaint letter.
  4. OMG! Inexcusable! I hope that phone conversation was recorded, as they sometimes do for "quality control purposes..."
  5. I have those same issue with my cellular company. I hate them. If it wasnt for the fact that i have better service then others i'd get rid of them.

    What you had to go through wasnt called for.:censor: :censor:
  6. Hmm.. I'll try that next time, t1n8ngel! ;) Thanks!

    ...and yet why do I feel like my internet connection problem isn't resolved yet? *sigh* Oh well. Life moves on right? I have to hope for the best... I have to. :biggrin:
  7. That is so horrible! Don't they have of a log of when you call and who you talk to? I always thought that because in the pre-recorded messages most companies say they record most conversations to assure customer service, accuracy, etc. Sorry you had to experience that. If it happened to me I would be soooo angry
  8. Yep, when I call I always have paper near me and the first thing I do is get their name! Or else it is very hard to track down who you were speaking with. I used to work in a customer service position and you do have a tendency to start off crankier because a lot of people who contact you immediately have an attitude... its too bad for the people who do that full tiem because half the time I don't think they even realize they're being rude!

    Good luck... I hope you get your internet fixed!
  9. I think Internet/Computer/Telephone Customer Service people are usually the worst!! On a few occassions when we still lived in the states, our Comcast High Speed kept going out and giving us the "yellow blinky" light. The customer service rep kept trying to babbel on to me about how I had to check my computer's settings and all that, when I clearly told him that our MODEM was having the problems. Not my computer. He obviously didn't get it, and I got frustrated and said "You know what? I don't think you understand me, or you don't know what the hell you're talking about, so I'm going to hang up now, call back, and pray that I get someone who knows their stuff!" ...I know it was mean what I said, but don't sit there and tell me to look at my computer when it's the modem that's having the problems. ended up they gave us a faulty splitter :smile:
  10. They *should* have a log of when you've called, what your issues were and who you talked to. But that all depends on how thorough the agent is in logging your calls. Not all conversations are monitored or recorded; it's pretty random. Try asking for your conversation to be recorded and see what happens! Depending on how well equipped the company is, they should be able to accommodate and they should have no qualms about doing so.

    I emphasize *should* in the previous paragraph because sadly documentation is often lacking in support history notes or it's hard for other agents to sort through. And, if a call doesn't "go well" in the agent's eyes they may not even document the call! No record of the call - it then becomes your word against the agent's. That's why it's important to get names.

    Sorry if this is a long post but I've worked in helpdesk related fields on and off for many years and I know a lot of the dirty tricks (and ways to rock the house in customer service too).
  11. LOL I have a friend who says he is recording the call for quality control pyurposes....he never has problems!
  12. I'm sorry this happened to you and hope that your internet problems get fixed soon.

    I work pt in a call center and it makes me sooo :censor::rant: angry to hear about how people -like the one who took your call- can hold a job in the front-line telephone customer service industry and make the rest of us look bad. Sure, call center jobs are often pretty thankless but it's still part of the job to provide good customer service - it just reflects poorly on a company when their employees are rude to the clients. It's cheesy, but at my workplace they encourage us to answer every call with a smile :nuts: because it really does come across in your voice and it helps to put us in the right mindset -that we're providing a service and being courteous &polite is an expectation NOT a favor to the customer.
  13. That's horrible! I always try to get the name of who I'm speaking to down before anything else cause that happened to me once.
  14. Wow..that rough! Sorry you had to go through that. Some of these internet customer service people really need to get a big broom and sweep out all of these worthless, rude people and replace them with someone better suited to the job.
  15. I worked at an ISP doing tech support - that's brutal that you were treated that way. I've learned to always ask for the representative's name whenever I deal with customer service, just for future reconciliations purposes. Anyways, I hope that things go your way - if not, you could always drive around looking for unsecured networks ! :graucho: