More on the Choo Reference Library...

  1. Yes, literally, there are more pictures on the Choo reference library. I want to thank everyone for posting pics. This library is such a big undertaking, and a valuable resource. It has been a big help to the numerous newly joined gals, as well as to the oldies. :tup:

    I wanted to mention that you should post a pic of your bag even if someone else has posted a pic of theirs in the same style and color. Textures can vary. For example, I saw 2 of the new neon blue liquid patent Mahalas at the store with totally different looks. One had a smooth, mirror like surface, the other somewhat pebbly. Showing the differences in our bags will help.

    Thanks again :heart:. If you have any questions, please ask!
  2. hi! as a very new jimmy choo lover ( thanks to miss robyn) :graucho:i thank you immensely for the library and all your hard work, jburgh :flowers:and established members......:tup:
    it helped me out while selecting my first bag (s)....yes, two!:p
    i will be adding my new babies once received;)...probably a week or so from now. getting them from Saks with saturday's egc.....can't wait!:yahoo:
  3. Welcome to the forum Mick! Looks like you jumped in with both feet, LOL. Which two are they? Please tell us NOW!
  4. thanks! the liquid patent plum mahala ( at 30% off!) :love:and the black biker riki with watersnake trim:drool:......i had a $300 gc too, so that helped.;) i am super excited....depending on which style i like better, i will make some spring bag decisions:graucho:.....jumping in with both feet has gotten me into tons of trouble,:push: but it always seems to be the way with me....ha!:p

    the pics really helped me out, so thanks so much again for all the hard work!:flowers:
  5. Same here... :yes:
    This forum has been a tremendous help on my decisions! And so far, everybody's lovely. :tup:
  6. Haa, I should probably post my Jungle Mahala so that people could compare sneaky snake faces:lol:. No, seriously, I would probably not have ended up with my first JC bag if it wasn't for a thread with pics on the Jungle Marin that caught my eye. Member pics are usually much better than stock pictures, and the reference library makes it so easy to find the necessary info.

    BTW, love all your flats, jburgh, perfect combinations of casual AND elegant and they're probably super comfy too. Don't tell me the latest additions to the library are all from the sale. I want sales here now!!!!:hysteric:
  7. I just want to say a Thank You to jburgh for putting it together.
  8. You are all welcome. It hasn't been up very long and we have 142 posts. That is great. And from all the recent talk, a bunch more will be added in the next week.

    Polaremil - please do post your Jungle Mahala. All my shoes were NOT from the recent sale, LOL. Just the Yang boots and the Watson flats.
  9. Thx for all your hard work!! ^^ The ref library has really helped me make a decision about purchasing my very first JC bag also!

    I'll soon be adding to the ref library as soon as my Riki arrives!
  10. have the Yang boots? I LOVE those boots and I'm not usually a fan of flat souled boots. I have to go check out your do you like them????
  11. I really like them. I ordered up a half size so I can wear warmer socks. The rabbit lining is soft and the boot can be folded down or worn straight. I can only wear flats, and my calves are ginormous, so it's Yang ankle boots for me!:tup:

  12. I second this, :woohoo: thanks a bunch jburgh! Once I get around learning how to post pics I'll add mine :yes:
  13. I love those boots! I looked on NAP, but I guess they're long gone, is that where you got them? They still have the taller version, the Yukon....also very lovely and I am considering them if I can't find the Yang, but what I like about the Yang is the whole easy on/easy off thing....they're just a cute boot!

    Oh, and while I don't doubt that the boots do indeed have "soul" (see my previous post), what I meant to say was that I'm not usually a fan of flat soled boots! Which still looks wrong to me....the English language....go figure! :push:
  14. Stinker - I called Casey at the Chicago Choo for them. She can get your size shipped from another boutique if need be. I typically wear a 38.5 in shoes, and the boot would certainly have fit with thin trouser socks or nylons. But I ordered a 39 so I could wear thicker socks.