More Hermes goodies!

  1. PHH was nice enough to come with me to the city and of course I had to end up at Hermes...and got some more goodies!

    I got my first pocket square and a black Tohu Bohu twilly. I don't know what the name of my pocket squre is, but it has the cutest designs!

    Sorry the pictures are so dark, I got home pretty late and couldn't wait to post :shame:


  2. Black Tohu Bohu twilly


  3. Congrats, nice!
  4. Your pocket square is one of my favorite designs. Congratulations on your purchases.
  5. beautiful!! i love the twilly!! the pochette is 'les triples" - enjoy!!
  6. [​IMG]

  7. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

    Kristie.F: Thanks for letting me know the name, "Les Triples"! I thought it was so cute. I didn't see Jared there and a nice SA named Kenneth helped me.

  8. [​IMG]
  9. Great purchases! Love the pocket square- its fabulous! And the colors on the twilly are so wonderful! Enjoy!!!
  10. I asked Kenneth if he knew how to tie twillys and he wasn't sure (???!) but I just left it at that. I thought it was odd that the SA didn't know how to tie scarves. I wanted to get out of Hermes ASAP since PHH was standing around bored to death. :rolleyes:
  11. That is odd!!! But luckily, we have tons of pros on the board that can help you!!! And smart move getting PHH out of there before there was any carnage! LOL!!!
  12. honu - did you ask for a scarf book?
  13. Kristie.F: I didn't ask him for the scarf book but he gave it to me with my purchases, thank goodness! :yahoo:

    I was looking at the silver chain d'ancre scarf ring. It seemed kind of heavy to me, and was wondering if it would be too heavy for my pocket square?


    I wanted to use it like joanna did, but maybe the one she used was the enamel one which is lighter?

    photo from joanna in the Hermes scarf thread:


  14. Congrats on your fabu new treats! Twillys and pocket squares are two of my favorite things! Here is a cute way to wear a twilly during capri-pants season! They also look great tied around your wrist or on your pony tail. Twillys are really so versatile. And Tohu Bohu is just the most colorful and fun of them all. Yup, I'm obsessed too! :P
  15. les triples is my favorite pocket square! and the tohu bohu twilly is so fun!
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