More help needed on buying a black stam please!

  1. I will probably get mine from net a porter and have noticed TWO black stams on the website. One is 'new season' and seems to have darker canvas lining. My question is, what are the other differences, if any, between the normal stam and the 'new season' stam? Does the bag still have 'marc jacobs' engraved on the usual places on the hardware like the clasps, zippers and handle clasps? I am confused over which one to get? :s

    Here is the link to the page. The other black stam is at the bottom of the page. Any help on this would be much appreciated. xx

    Marc Jacobs Bags - NET-A-PORTER.COM
  2. Black and White (variation of white) are made every season, NAP is currently selling both black Stams from Resort 06 (New Season) and Fall 06.

    Fall 06's Black Stam: structured calf leather, cream canvas lining, name plate
    I have seen 2 different batches of this color:
    (1) semi-glossy leather + black stitching
    (2) very matte leather + grey stitching <I don't like this batch>


    Resort 06's Black Stam: structured calf leather, dark brown canvas lining. The stitching is off-black, it blends in with the leather more than the 2nd batch of Fall 06 (dark grey stiching, pops too much).

  3. The markings on the hardware should be the same, the only difference I can see is the leather lining around the interior zipper and the lack of nameplate. I'm sure there is a difference in the leather and color of stitching, I would go with the softer leather which I think is the new resort.

    I think if I had to choose, I would go with the new resort Stam with the darker lining... I think the cream lining would get dirty easily.
  4. bag.lover: I'm also on a belated hunt for a black Stam, and the info. you provided in this thread and the other companion thread is really helpful.

    I saw a black Stam in Saks a couple of days ago with the grey stitching (presumably Fall 06), and I (like you) wasn't crazy about it. The off-black stitching on the Resort black Stams pictured above looks a bit better to me. But do you happen to know what the Spring/Summer 07 black Stams will look like, as far as leather type and stitching?
  5. Hi! I got my Resort Black Stam yesterday (with the black stitching and the dark brown lining) - it is perfection and I would chose that over the lighter stitching and lighter lining :yes:
  6. Cosmopolitan, I only saw pictures of all the S/S 07 items in the look book, the reqular Quilted Stams weren't on display at the trunk show. I asked a store manager of a MJ boutique for hardware color & lining material of S/S07 Stams several months ago, he said that they'll have gold hardware and canvas lining; forgot to inquire about stitching and leather type at that time.

    I am going to my local MJ boutique when they re-open, I will let you know if I find out more. =)

  7. ^^^Thanks a lot, bag.lover :smile:
  8. MJ boutiques received some of the S/S 07 Stams, they feature champagne gold hardware and pebbled/grained (similar to F/W 06 & Resort 06) leather. Black Stams have faded black stitching and army green canvas lining.