More goodies from the outlet today...

  1. Hello All!
    We did a little more damage at the outlet today... If anyone needs their grass mowed,dishes washed or any other odd jobs done please let me know, because I think I'm officially out of money...:shame::roflmfao:. Seriously though, we really did get some fantastic deals today. The wifey got just about everything she wanted(well, almost). Anyway, here's a few pics, enjoy!
    070.JPG 074.JPG 078.JPG 081.JPG 082.JPG
  2. How much was the chocolate cotton wallet?
  3. I love the straw tote and watercolor stuff.
  4. WOW you for some great stuff! I love your parchment and demin carlys! How much were those at the outlet? Cute PT scarves too!

    OH and how much was the straw basket? I am thinking about getting one!

    Everything you got is fantastic! Congrats on the great deals! :tup:
  5. Nice haul! :tup: I love the blue wristlet in the last pic and the watercolor items! As well as everything else. lol. If you don't mind me asking, how much was the watercolor ponytail scarf?
  6. $50ish, I need to look at the receipt to be sure.
  7. Wow! I need to live where you do, since my outlet is usually pretty sparse.

    Great haul!
  8. The watercolor scarf was $15.99

    Here's the breakdown

    Easter egg basket - $89.99
    Large Canvas Carly - $223.99
    Med. Denim Carly - $191.99
  9. 15.99! :nuts: I NEED to get to the outlet!
  10. Great Stuff!!! I assume y'all went to the San Marcos Outlet? Did they have any Summer Patchwork items out today? I was there yesterday and they only had the little barrel bag/ 'demi'. I'd really like to get the Hobo in that Patchwork...for FUN! Anywho....guess I'll see what they've got - IF the weather cooperates and it will quit raining for 5 seconds! Good Grief!!!! :nuts:
  11. Yup, the San Marcos outlet got more of my money today, LoL! I don't remember seeing any of the patchwork stuff, but that doesn't mean it wasn't there...
  12. Thanks. Like I said...if the weather will cooperate I'll go "investigate" for myself!!:supacool:
    Did they have anything NEW today that they did NOT have yesterday? I saw you got a Watercolor Wristlet!!:tup: I did not see those yesterday!!

  13. Mutha.....:censor:

    With my luck it'll be gone by the time I get to an outlet. I already have one that I have yet to use, but I would rather have it for $16 than $38.

    Great purchases though!!
  14. you are SO lucky. i would have killed for that denim carly!
  15. I can't say for sure(didn't shop yesterday), but there were lots of people buying so I'm sure they're going to be putting lots more stuff out. I did hear one of the managers say that they had lots of transfers that they had to go through. The sad thing is that we'll be back there on Saturday(my poor wallet)...