more ebay koobas!

  1. I purchased a Parker on eBay several months ago from a seller named "Ininos".

    While the pull tag is only embossed on ONE side, and the rest of the bag appears ok, I always had a strange feeling about the quality of the leather and am suspicious that the bag may be fake. Unfortunately, the pictures are no longer available on the auction page, or I would post them.

    Does anyone know anything about this seller?

  2. Hi:

    If you mean "lninos" (with a lowercase 'L"), while I haven't bought from this seller myself, I do know that several ladies here have and they swear not only by this seller's authentic bags but also by their good customer service. I'm sure they could give you more info.

    P.S. Welcome!
  3. Thanks! I really thought the bag was authentic but after reading about all the fake koobas on eBay, I became paranoid.
  4. Im 100% sure Lninos does not sell fakes!

    I have bought from her and so have others here. She is an authentic kooba seller.

    Plus...all authentic koobas zipper pulls are embossed on ONE side only. If you have bought one from elsewhere with it printed on both sides, that could be the fake.

    Which bag did you buy from Lninos?
  5. I bought the Parker in brown. Thanks for your confirmation - I'm so relieved!
  6. I've also bought from lninos before and the bag is definitely authentic. Oh and the service is stellar.
  7. Droooool! Would you mind sharing a pic or two of your beauty? I really love the Parker in brown and have seriously toyed with the idea of getting one.

    Do you love her?

    Ack! Like I need to get obsessed with yet another bag when I'm supposed to be 'behaving' for a bit (uh... yeah, right!).

  8. lninos is one of maybe 3-4 sellers on eBay that I would buy from w/out worry. You got the real deal, no problem!

    Let's see a pic! I have a black Parker in Patent and I adore it!
  9. Nothing to worry about, dem, definitely the real deal from Lninos! Congrats on that Parker:smile:
  10. Lninos is probably one of the best sellers on ebay. You can bid and buy from them with complete confidence. I'm glad you came here to ask first.
  11. ^Ditto. Lninos is top-notch. You won't be disappointed and she offers her Koobas at great prices. Good luck!
  12. I bought an Elisha from lninos and it was perfect. They were easy to deal with and responded to e-mail very promptly.
  13. Not only an awesome bag seller... but they also have a killer selection of designer denim...... (my main obsession)
  14. Sigh. Great seller. And nice too. Takes awhile to answer questions sometimes, but very very professional. Highly recommended....
  15. Yes - I do like the Parker. Unfortunately, the pictures from the auction have been taken down. It's a great bag - easy to carry, love the shape. I do have trouble reaching into the bag while wearing it though - but other than that - it's great. Thanks everyone - for all your positive comments about my seller - I feel so much better!