More Delicious? Large Ebano Belly or Monkey Bread

  1. You decide...




    After reading often about Mousse's go-to Nero large Belly and having actually seen this bag on her, I stumbled across a gently used Ebano large Belly at Yoogi's Closet and decided to give it a go.

    Oh mylanta! This is an amazing bag. It helps that it was gently used and is already soft and smooshy. The color is insanely warm--why do some Ebano's look better than others?--and the scale is great.

    Now I get what all the fuss is about:biggrin:
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  2. I vote Belly, and the monkey bread looks good but I bet it's gone now!
  3. I have a large Belly Veneta in Nero
    love this bag so much
    I can even get a hard back book in it
    I carry mine every day
    and even when I happen to change bags
    as soon as I get home I am right back into my belly wondering why I thought to change it

    yay :woohoo::yahoo: for the Large Ebano Belly
    may you use it in good health
  4. I've never bought a prior used bag before, but I must say, the thought of someone breaking in a Veneta just enough where it is velvet smoosh, really appeals to me and your photo displays this. The Belly Veneta looks like it's in great condition! Enjoy to the fullest!!
  5. What a beauty! Great way to start the New Year.
  6. I am not one or the other... I must have both! :biggrin:

  7. I've had great luck with this. My very first BV was actually a Tea Veneta sold to me by a TPFer. It was beautifully cared for. This one is also very wellcared for. No scuffing on the corners.

    And The savings was substantial. I paid $1745 shipping included and no sales tax. And with Yoogi's return policy I felt it was really risk free.

    It's definitely something to consider.
  8. DH and I polished off the monkey bread in a matter of hours. It's like crack. Me thinks BV is a bit like crack. One taste and you can't go back.
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  9. Ahh wise SS!
  10. Well I got here too late for the monkey bread... But, My BVette friend, you know I vote for the Belly. What a nice choice and a fab price. You will enjoy her. You can carry a lot inside. I am taking my nero belly out again on Thurs and Fri 'cause I'm on the road for biz. The Belly is my most "airplane safe" BV.
  11. You're the influence on this one. Thank you so much! I think this will be my work travel bag too. It's with me now in Orange county. DH got me this cool Tumi pack and it is expandable should SWA get picky about three bags.
  12. Awesome deal grietje! Wear it and enjoy! Something tells me it will become one of your favorite go to bags!
  13. Nice choice, grietje
  14. grietje - I own a large Ebano Belly Veneta and it is a perfect bag for me. The strap fits over my thickest coat, and I like the balance and feel. I never stuff it full but I could if I needed to. Congratulations on a lovely bag, I hope you have many happy years together.

    Yeah, give me the monkey bread, too.
  15. Reading these posts encourages me to try to love my ebano belly. I like the way it looks on other people so I'm assuming it looks OK when I carry it. However, I hate the way it looks when it has to rest next to me or sit in my lap. It's just so overwhelming in size. Keep up the encouraging posts.