More anorexic victims........

  1. Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston has just passed away caused by complications of anorexia................
    (sorry, i got no pics of the girl......)

    I wonder when will this pointless culture of starving ourselves ends .........

    Any idea how to stop this anorexic habbit among the girls?


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  2. its 12 year old niece already thinks she's fat and she's a twig..she even refuses to eat and trys to squeeze her belly where to says she see fat..she hasen't even hit puberty yet!

    i think it is bc she is always around various other women in her life who are always dieting..i try to talk to her but i'm not sure if i'm even getting anywhere:sad:

    I have even been telling her i'll take her to the hospital myself and have her hooked up to an iv if she even thinks about not eating..i just have to pray and keep talking to her and hopefully she'll be ok
  3. i feel so bad for her .. my heart goes out to her family =(
  4. [​IMG]

    If this is her, she was so beautiful, but she obviously had an ugly disease!
  5. Dr. Phil did a show about extremely anorexic people today!
    Here's the transcript: Dr. - Shows - Starving for Perfection

    Every day this woman does a five and a half to six hour walk. She has coffee during the walk, but uses a straw so she doesn't stop walkig.

    After her walk, Darlene does five sets of 100 crunches and six sets of 600 leg lifts so she can burn more calories, while watching the Food Channel. 'I like to watch the food on TV because it looks good to me even though I won’t eat it. I get the satisfaction if I had eaten, but I haven’t.'

    I have a handful of my bran cereal. That’s my breakfast/lunch. For my dinner, I have two cups of popcorn. That’s pretty much what I’ve been eating for the last year," she says. She measures everything she eats. "My total food bill a month is probably $50, if that.

    She's 58, she's 5'2'' and weighs 60 pounds.
  6. This is all too sad, there is no balance in America, children are obese by the age of 4 and girls anorexic by 9! to make it all worse Hollywood is fostering it in so many ways. I saw a girl tonight no older than 12 who had the darkest circles under her eyes and absolutely no fat on her body, she looked like she was wasting away... Her sholders looked like elbows, so pointy... It broke my heart. Her mother looked the same way!!!
  7. My god :sad:
    That's so sad. may she rest in peace..
  8. This is just sad..
  9. Key observation. Everybody focuses on media messages, but I think this is a really big influence. A friend's daughter of mine went to a psych hospital at 13, and she also had bouts of anorexia. Her mother was always saying around her,' I have to go on (another) diet.' 'Ooh, I look/feel so fat today.' 'If I gain any more weight I'll kill myself.'

    Young girls are sensitive, and their own body image is likely to suffer if their own mother, the biggest role model in their life, sends them the message that food must be obssessed with and regulated. In defense of these mothers, most of them do not realize the impact of the little things they say on their little girls. I guess people just need to become more awar.
  10. That's so sad. :sad:
  11. i'm speechless, it's really sad.
  12. I don't like hearing about this, and seeing pictures is even worse. Even publicizing all of this gives people ideas. Here is a pic of the model. Click on the link at your own risk.. I don't feel comfortable uploading it.

    It will be a great day when women begin to believe that curves are sexy and embrace their bodies. In college I lived with girls with eating disorders, and it is really sad to live with and see- and it is ADDICTIVE (from a psych perspective). I moved out and away from them because it took so much for me to remain 'normal'.

    Anyone who feels this way just has to get help. That is the only answer that can fix this disease. May she rest in peace.
  13. This, I swear, makes me crazy!

    Prime time example that makes me so sad is Kate Bosworth...she is gorgeous and when she filmed 'Blue Crush' she had a body that I (IMO) consider to be perfect...that is, for me, athletic and strong, yet healthy & full of energy! She looks like a walking ghost now!!!:Push:

    This is a disease that takes over and just ruins people...but, one never knows...maybe her agent or someone told her that she had 'broad shoulders' from surfing...or that she was too muscular for her frame...that's all she, or any girl for that matter, needs to hear to just start thinking in the wrong direction...:crybaby:

    Believe you me! I am not sitting hear preaching to the choir, nor do I think I'm perfect, or that there is any 'one' cause for any of whole life I have been surrounded by girls that were throwing up during lunch, carrying around a rainbow combination of diet pills, listening to the calorie count, or the more serious cases in which they actually have had numerous heart attacks and walk around with feeding tubes...I am no expert, but ****...we have all been around it!

    I know someone that is, to me, the most beautiful (inside and out) person that I have EVER known...all I will say is that now she's about 5'8 and weighs 105 (if that) and a modeling agency told her that she needs to lose another 5 lbs... :crybaby: She's a size 24 in jeans that run small...FU**...If any more weight comes off she'll disappear...

    Sorry to rant..and I AM SO TIRED OF SEEING WALKING SKELETONS! It's not even attractive and most men think it's such an unhealthy's not attractive...or is it...maybe I'm crazy...
  14. That is so terrible. I hate that we live in societies that make women feel they need to be a certain size to be attractive. Everyone is attractive in someone else's eyes..and its important what is on the inside.
    I'm glad to actually see "normal" women in some ads nowadays..we need to make a good impression on young girls!!! Not one that is going to be harmful. :crybaby:
  15. How sad!! :crybaby: Such an awful disease, To those who suffer..Good Luck and I wish you the best....prayers