More and more I'm thinking of thies Miu Miu

  1. I've only seen it online, never in shops yet. I think this is the black version of the gold/silver rhombs bag seen in the advertising campaign.

    Day after day this is growing on me...I'm thinking of a quick trip to Miu Miu store in Milan to see it in real life. Does anyone own it or has seen it?
  2. I own this Miu Miu bag in black and I love, love, love it! It's very roomy, yet chic at the same time. You can wear it over the shoulder, as a messenger, or as a tote. It's the perfect work bag. The gold hardware looks wonderful with the black. I saw two shades of brown (one was more of a caramello and the other was a taupe), but I thought the black was the best-looking. And, the ruching on the bag makes it look like the sister of the Prada gauffre bags.

    Sorry I can't post pictures. My camera is not working right now.

    I hope my enthusiasm helps. It's a really good-looking bag. And, the price isn't too bad given the size. Go for it!
  3. PS- I got it at Saks, so it is already here in some stores here in the U.S. in the black color. I would certainly think you could find it in Milan.
  4. ...stop! stop! Or I'll be not able to wait until saturday to see it!
    One question: does it come with detachable straps?
    I've seeen it on the site but it seems to come without. Is this one you own?

    Thanks and congratulations on your lovely handbag
  5. I wasn't so impressed when I first saw this new Miu Miu "diamond/lozenge" style, but the more I look to the new collection, the more I think this is the Coffer heiress.....I want it!
  6. Hi Brina,
    The bag does come with detachable shoulder straps, at least mine did. So, you can wear it as a messenger bag too. And, yes, the one I bought at Saks is the same one you are looking at on Styledrops. I do think that this line is the heiress to the coffer, and the younger sister of the Prada gauffre. I just love the black color, but I'm partial to black. The camello and taupe color didn't do it for me. It's the black version that sole me. And, it's a great work bag, but can be used as a large everyday bag too, especially since you can wear it on the shoulder - the straps are long enough.

    I hope this helps!
  7. One more thing - this bag looks MUCH better in person than it does in the Styledrop photos. The leather is luscious and the design is very unique and interesting. The pictures make it look a bit drab, but it isn't a boring bag. It's beautiful! I hope you love it when you see it.
  8. I contemplated buying this bag, its beautiful. But i personally found it too large. I wish they made a slightly smaller version, then it would be perfect imo.
  9. Yes, it is a very large bag. Perfect for work, a very chic baby bag, or for a day when you need to carry a lot of stuff. It makes a great shopping tote too. It is a large bag, though. No doubt about that.
  10. I love love love this bag. The new miu miu collection is gorg!! I say go for it.
  11. I've tried the gold/silver in a retailer shop 'round here...It was indeed very very big and too...."showy" for me.
    I have to see it in real life...
  12. its a beauty!
  13. Hi there! This is the Bag I saw and fell in love with on the way to buy my Bal Bag !!!!!!

    Do you guys think I should get black or brown?

    Finally what is the rough retail price?

  14. It's a gorgeous bag but I am so anal about the inside. Does it have any interior pockets?
  15. Keira Knightley with the silver version