Moral question about real vs fake Gucci

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  1. Hi everyone, I apologize that this may be a little long:

    One of my customers came in with her husband, and she had a very cute (but very fake) Gucci bag. Cute, because the bag itself was cute, but obviously not a style of Gucci at all, just a cute bag with a bad fake stamp on it. She admitted it was a knockoff (duh), and her husband chimed in to say, "why spend money on the real thing when both are made by some 9 year old in China?". That's when I informed him that real Gucci bags take 2 days or more to be handmade.

    Am I inncorrect on this issue? I've thought that purchasing fakes does fund child labor, and that's why the real thing is so expensive, because of the quality of the materials, and because each bag is handcrafted over a number of days.

    Anyone that has any info on this, please shed a little light!

  2. When you buy the real thing you are paying for materials and cost of labor, but more than anything you are paying for the name...

    I am passionately against fake bags for more reason than the imitations are made of lower quality, i am against it because it is WRONG.

    My cousin has the same approach, who cares if its fake or real, it doesnt matter and this is what i ussally tell him:

    I am (well was) a newspaper reporter and if someone took one of my articles and changed the content so words were spelled wrong and out of place then, yes i still will get credit for the article because my name is still on it, BUT people wont get the real idea behind it...because its so grossly missinterpreted!

    That and i wont be paid for my name being on something out there in lala land...his response ussally is well who cares gucci and lv are well off, they dont need your 1000...but im like that doesnt matter, its still WRONG to steal someones name and someones idea!!!

    I dont know its an ongoing debate between us... sucks man..some people dont understand the difference between a real thing and the fake!!!
  3. as far as I know. . . Guccis are not all handmade.
  4. Luvdnotspoiled: I definitely agree, that in the end, these people are stealing someone else's name and idea, and profiting from it themselves, which is totally wrong. I was just curious as to whether or not the bags are handmade.... sounds like not....?