Montsouris MM & GM owners...?

  1. I was wondering if those of you who have either of these two bags(or both?) could give me some advice. I want one of these to use for school, and I know the MM measures 10x12, but will it actually fit an 8 1/2x11 notebook? Which would you recommend for school? I'm scared the GM will be a little too big, and the MM might be a little too small to fit books and whatnot. I'm also thinking about special ordering it in damier, but I think I might be too impatient. What do you think? Thanks in advance!!
  2. 1st off i love your avatar, lol.

    second, i have the monogram montsouris GM. i honestly..woukd suggest this one. it's big but not TOO big. it'll definately hold the stuff you want it too. its a very strong bag, i usually take it as luggage for vacation and i stuff the thing so much and it's perfect so im sure book and all that would be fine.

    i always go for extra room just in case, plus youll be using it alot im assuming so, in my opinion i'd just go for the gm to be safe :heart:

    as for patterns/lines: damier would look hot in it, that's just depending if ya wanna wait or not. it would stay alot cleaner for longer if you are bringing it to school, rainy days, is unique, etc.
  3. Go for the GM, the bag isnt all that big to begin with really, I had it but returned it!
  4. Get the GM. I don't have it, but I never thought it was too big when I saw it (in my honest opinion, its size is similar to the large noe...and I don't find the size overwhelmingly large). You should be able to fit papers and books in there, easily. The MM is too small!
  5. Definitely get the GM. The MM is too small for books and notebooks. I bought it for myself when I went back to school and it's the perfect size. It holds a couple of big, heavy books, a 3-subject notebook, along with all my regular stuff. It's strong and durable- I've been carrying it for three years now and not one ripped stitch or tear anywhere. :wlae: It would look incredible in Damier!!

    If I can figure out how to upload pictures I'll see if I can post one to show you how much it holds. :yes:
  6. Here's how the GM looks like on a dummy (from MrsTroppo website):


    I don't think it looks too big...:idea:
  7. I concur with the others... If you're going to use it for school, go for the GM. It's a nice backpack. I used mine when I was in law school. Those books are big and heavy. The backpack worked like a charm. Oh, I would so go for the backpack in Damier!
  8. I have the GM and I don't think it is too big. I was set on getting the MM until I tried it on and it was too small for me so I got the GM. Damier would look beautiful in the GM.
  9. GM - although I still think the GM is pretty small to use for school. I never would have been able to fit all my school texts into it! My GM holds a book, pashmina, some food, water bottle and makeup bag when I travel if that helps at all!
  10. I have both the MM and the GM. I use the MM as a "handbag" and the GM when I know I'll be carrying a lot. The GM would be perfect for school, and much less worry in Damier. However, I treated the leather on both of my backpacks and have had no problems with the leather bottoms.:yes:
  11. Thanks so much for all your opinions! I'm going to look into getting the GM in damier, hopefully it won't take forever.
  12. ^^^ congrats on your decision!

    i havr both MM and GM as well..... i originally bought MM to use as a diaper bag, but after using for a few times, it was just too small! so i ended up with both ---- i like GM better though, it fits ton! but it is NOT too much 'in your face'....ya know... in damier, it'll be so pretty....and COOL!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: