Montorgueil...Tivoli...Batignolles Horizontal

  1. I am wanting to know which you like more and why? Loking to purchase a larger bag/shoulder bag!
  2. Oh MY!! Those are 3 very nice bags. I own the Tivoli and the BH.
    The Tivoli is softer looking and love the adjustable handles and the pleating, can take you from jeans in the afternoon to out to dinner at night with your little black dress.
    The BH is more a casual bag, but is my go to bag for everyday run errands.
    The Montorgueil has not been released in the US so have not seen it in person, looks like a nice shoulder bag, but I prefer the other 2
  3. The Montorgueil has less vanchetta to worry about than the Tivoli or Batignolles Horizontal. They are all very stylish but I am guessing that the Montorgueil will be more light weight than the other styles. I am going to get the Montorguiel when it is released. Good luck with making your decision!
  4. Montorgueil all the way. It's the second LV bag that caught my eye after the neverfull ( yes the mono speedy didnt do anything for me hehe) .. so definetly go for it.