Monte Carlo Clutch?

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  1. Hello, I have always eyed Goyard's White Monte Carlo clutch!... (and the white leather strap Goyard boutiques sell to utilize it as a shoulder bag when needed.) I am typically a fan of Chanel's WOCs for going out / event purposes but this white clutch seemed like a beautiful alternative for summer/vacations and my primary reason to own a white purse for my upcoming bachelorette party & honeymoon !
    I do own a St. Louis GM tote and Goyard wallets that I have been very happy with, but was wondering for those of you who own a Monte Carlo if you could please shed some light on it, that would be much appreciated! ... Are you happy with it?... Is it worth the investment? Or should I save the money for a another Chanel WOC combo, etc... Thanks so much! :smile:
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  2. I just got the Monte Carlo clutch from the Paris store in gray and am very excited to use it! I have three different Goyard bags and am thrilled to now have a small clutch.
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  3. Picture please! Anyone?