Monogram ZipTop Gucci Diaper Bag

  1. For those of you who own this what are the positives and negatives of this bag? TIA!
  3. i personally dont have one, but will u be using it as a diaper bag or as a school bag?

    I think someone posted the bag with tons of pics for me in an older thread when i was looking for a school bag! its awesome...very pretty

    but i think i like the ones with the two pockets in front a bit better :smile:
  4. oh do you have a pic of the one with the pockets in front? I am going to try and find that other thread but post it if you come across it again! :graucho:
  5. I have this diaper bag, with the 2 pockets in the front & I love it! It has tons of room & has 1 lg. pocket in the back as well. It's on under gifts.
  6. WOW! That is a fabulous price! I like the thick straps too!
  7. i like the real diaper bag, cos it has the sling. My DH prefers that to a tote... but the price is a bit too high for a diaper bag .. $935...
  8. It is a great diaper bag..