Monogram Satin jewellery Rolls

  1. Have these been discontinued already? I've just sen these in Elle's showcase they are stunning but they are not showing on anymore. Does anyone remember the price?
  2. I think they're $900 something (in US $)? My store still has them displayed also.
  3. Thanks LVbabydoll to so think it is just an oversight on the site or elux and store selling "while stocks last"
  4. You're welcome! And probably..they ARE pretty pricey and they have a certain clientele. I don't think they made an overabundance anyway though. I know my store has had theirs sitting around for awhile :lol:
  5. I have seen them sitting in stores they shouldn't be hard to find.

    The MC one retailed for $1120 while the Monogram one was $975. Both are gorgeous, but I liked the Mono one more because of the smaller gold print :yes: I was so thrilled my mom liked the MC to take both of them home! :nuts:
  6. I love them but they're pretty pricey.
  7. no, they are still displayed in the boca store.