Monogram Pochette or Navona?

  1. They look similar enough but which one should I get? Are they the same? Are the straps different? I plan on using this as an "essentials only purse". Any advice on which one to purchase? Thanks!
  2. Hi welcome to PF..

    Navona is less common..they are pretty much almost the same size. The strap is removable. Mono has vachetta strap and navona has brown leather strap.
    I think LV will make damier pochette accessoires and discontinue navona..

    8" L x 5" H


    8.5" L x 4.7" H x 1.4" W

  3. Yeah the Navona will be discontinued in favor of a regular pochette. Both are pretty much the same but I guess you can say the Navona is less common. I really don't see all that many pochettes around right now, at least not like I used to.
  4. Damier for a pochette since it's more of a throwaround piece, it would be frustrating to have to worry about the vachetta!
  5. Yes, i heard from somewhere that Navona is being discontinued and that the Damier Pochette Accessories is coming out SOON. whooohoo, i cant wait!
  6. I think you should get the's really cute and uncommon and also, you don't need the pochette extender to wear it on your shoulder...which you may need it if you want to wear the monogram pochette on your shoulder.
  7. Same difference to me, it's like asking if you like Vanilla or French Vanilla ! ;)

    They're both great choices !
  8. Try getting the Mono first . . . . then get the damier pochette when it comes out:graucho:
  9. i like the monogram pochette.
  10. I have both... I can't explain it, but I like my mono pochette better :yes:
  11. If you want a less expensive option for a damier pochette now you can do the damier Trousse Makeup, it's shorter in length but a little wider at the base so it fits about the's almost $100 less than the Navona too I think...I love mine and barely see people carrying. This was the option for a damier pochette type bag before the navona ever came out....
  12. I had bought the Navona in the past, but returned it. I thought it was going to be identical to the mono pochette. But on closer inspection I noticed the zipper of the Navona just goes straight across and stops at the end. (This is a bit hard to explain). Ok, on the mono pochette you know how the zipper sorta hangs over 1 of the sides (the lil flap)...well, that makes it easier to open and get into. The Navona doesn't have that lil flap that would extend and allow the zipper to open more/wider. I found it didn't open up as well as the mono pochette. It's opening is ok...but it just bugged me.

    Wow, that's good news that they're going to be making the pochette in Damier. Hmm..

    Neway...HTH ;)
  13. could you pleeeeease post a pic wearing the trousse makeup as a pochette? :nuts:
  14. Interesting... is the vachetta harder to keep clean/new? I am also wondering how much a Damier pochette would be and how different it would be from the Navona..

    I still can't decide which one I prefer.. Deciding whether to get the Navona BECAUSE it will be gone or wait for a pochette.. the thing is, I want one now (it will be my first LV purchase) :smile:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, for some reason I keep coming back to this forum!
  15. I just picked up the Navona (my first Damier piece!) and the difference between the Pochette and the Navona is what LVcrazed described above. The zipper on the Pochette extends past the end of the bag and ends in leather, the stap is then connected to the end of this little leather end. The zipper on the end of the Navona ends at the end of the bag. Otherwise size wise, they are pretty much identical.