monogram perfo pochette owners!

  1. where is the datecode located in the bag?

    Also, which color do you guys prefer?

    Thanks!!! =)
  2. should be along the seam on the inside pocket.

  3. I love the green!
    Alas its sold out here, I'm always too late! :sad:
  4. Yup- in the tiny pocket on the inside. I have the green..I LOVE it.
  5. i have the pochette cles in green and I think I want the pochette in either green or fuchsia. Not quite sure yet. Does the lock hit your arm when you wear it or rub on it? I ask only because I was trying these Mulberry bags and their turnlock clasp in the front kept digging into my arm. :mad:
  6. Lol that's never happened to me. It's a tiny enough lock where it doesn't get that close to your arm (I carry it on my left shoulder.) The only thing is that it moves back and forth on the bag so when it's really quiet, you can hear it squeaking when you move it around haha.
  7. squeaking?! like a mouse! LOL
  8. Lol it's a weird noise. It sounds like a squeaky door hinge haha.
  9. i wonder what the SA will say if i bring in a pochette perfo and complain about it!!! I think my SO will try to oil it...
  10. Lol..I have no idea! I've never really done anything to it since it's usually too loud for me to hear it. The only time I'd hear it was when I was done early with a test in one of my classes and I'd get up to leave since the room was really quiet lol.