Monogram Multicolore Aureila GM

  1. I had the chance to see this bag in person last night. I absolutely love it. If you like totes, this will be a nice addition to your Multicolore collection. I like the fact the this bag has feet and a nice size pouchette and the alcantara lining in red or gray depending on bag color.
  2. ooh do u have pics? i wanna see! =D
  3. There was post titled "May 1 arrivals" . There are pictures and everything!!!
  4. " bag has feet and a nice size pouchette " ...

    do you mean inner pocket "pouchette" or it comes with accessory like the bucket bag?
    What color lining does the black MC has?
  5. Yes. It has a large pouchette just like the bucket and the Black one has the grey alcantara lining and the white has the red lining.
  6. does the Aureila pm has any pouchette ???

  7. I don't know. I just looked at the GM :sad2:
  8. the Gm is the big one? I just went over there and i saw the smaller one and they didnt say anything about a pouchette.. oh please let their be one in there :smile:
  9. Can't wait to see this iRL!
  10. any pics??
  11. ^ There's stock pics of all the new MC bags on the first page of the May 1 New Arrivals thread