Monogram Mini Lin Zippy Wallet??

  1. Ok I love this wallet and would love to purchase this when i go to get my speedy 25 but the thing is (and i dont want to sound cheap) but the wallet is almost as expensive as the bag??

    what does everyone feel about this?? :shrugs:
  2. I'd get the Mini Lin Speedy if I were you. I saw it yesterday and it was love at first sight.......
  3. definatly a nice bag but i have my heart set on the monogram 25....i just dont know what to do about the wallet??
  4. I agree it's crazy how the zippy wallet is expensive, and in any style.
  5. i know!! i really want a zip wallet and i love that one....anyone have any other suggestions on a wallet??
  6. Wallets in any brand is always expensive. this is because it is more difficult to make a wallet than to make a bag. A bag consists of a few pieces of material sewn together but take a pochette wallet for instance and you would find it consists of so many different pieces that have to be put together nicely. So if you think of how they do this you would not think that any wallet is more expensive than they should be.

    I always justify prices by how complicated a thing has to be put together. I think a tiny little cles is actually more difficult to make than a speedy, hence the price. If I cant do the thing myself I am always willing to pay for someone who can, and in this case, I dont think i can make a bag or a wallet like LV can so I can justify the price I pay for them! :smile:
  7. I think agendas are priced well and I know a lot of people on here use their agendas as wallets! You can use filofax inserts that have pouches and credit card holders!
  8. My Chloe zippy broke so I bought a mono zippy wallet and love it to death. The zippy hold up very well and so many compartments. This one costs almost as my mono speedy 30 bag but IMO I will get the use of it (use it everyday, calculating the price per every single day use so it's ok price for me). I change my bag from time to time but I'm not going to change the wallet. It's classic and will last me years.
    Now it's a beautiful match with my mono speedy.

    one last word "still in love with my wallet" ((i'm crazy))
  9. i do agree!!

    (btw, i love that ring in your pic...where did u get it??

  10. I have exactly that combination of things- a mono speedy 25 and the mini lin zipper wallet
    I agree with putery- a wallet is so much more difficult to make
    and I'm using the wallet everyday but not my speedy

    I don't regret anything :yes:
    I love them both
  11. ok you all talked me into it!! im gonna get the mono zippy wallet along with the speedy and then i will be broke but its ok cause i will look good!!!!!
  12. Exactly what I think too..! :yes:
  13. rensky...I got the pic from LV website's flash then i print it to pdf and convert the pic to jpg file (I think I did sth like that but sometime just couldn't quite sure myself :smile:

    courtneyh ....I already broke now ((should put myself ban til mid next year hehe:smile: ))
  14. i agree..i tend to have more bags than i do have wallets...wallets are much more expensive compared to bags...but i do understand it from the manufacturer's point of view....everything's handmade! but i love my damier koala wallet and though i thought it was expensive, i AM using it everyday, but not all of my bags! use the koala for 2 years, and that's about $1 everyday!
  15. I cant wait to go to LV and buy the bag and wallet!!!!

    I was looking on line last night and im sold on the monogram zippy wallet...not the mini.

    And i do use a wallet everyday so it definatly makes sense....everyone here is super nice....thanks so much for all this advice and help...i love this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: