Monogram Denim Flat Pouch

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  1. First off i did a search ont his and nothing came up so im hoping the experts can help me! What do you think about using this pouch as a clutch?anyone have pics holding it? any info and input would be much appreciated!
  2. great idea :smile:
  3. ^^ITA!!! lots of people use it as a wallet/organizer type thing as well.
  4. I think it'd be cute as a clutch!
  5. I think its super cute! Are you interested in the regular denim flat pouch or the 07 cruise denim flat pouch?
  6. Can't wait to see pics of it being used as a clutch!!!! I think this a very cute bag!
  7. joie16,

    it is so cute ! love it...
  8. Looks like it works great!
  9. I think this is so cute as a clutch:heart:
  10. It is cute as a clutch...
  11. I really like this bag too and was wondering about it. I would love to see someone modeling it with their stuff in it.
  12. ok,im gonna get it! only cuz my trusty friends here approve it! hahaha,thank u everyone!
  13. Here's some more pics.

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  14. ^^ Hot!